Hyperrealistic Paintings by Patrick Kramer

Patrick Kramer is a young American artist with incredible talent to create some of the most amazing hyper realistic paintings we have ever seen. He has also worked on different city scenes and landscapes to portraits and still images. He studied painting and art in college and now he is specialist in hyper realism. Every piece of his work is so perfect that you can easily mistake them for a photograph. Gravity is his famous painting in which a blonde girl in a yellow dress looks like floating in the air.

hyperrealistic paintings patrick kramer

hyperrealistic paintings patrick kramer-4

hyperrealistic paintings patrick kramer-3


20 Parents Trolling Their Kids In The Most EPIC Way Possible

In our today's post we've collected some enchanting pictures of those parents who troll their children in the most epic way possible. In a family every parents know their kids and how to treat them and get them under their skin. All of you have some experience in your life when your parents really troll you like these parents in the pictures below. Just check out our collection below and get some kind of joy from the misery of the other party.

1. Expert Parenting Level

parents trolling their kids-6

2. Parents Used To Tell My Brother And I That We Had Another Brother Who Turned Into A Mushroom From Not Taking A Bath. Even Added Him To The Family Albums

most epic trolling


Mom Shows Real Strength of Girls in Her Powerful Photo Series ‘Strong Is The New Pretty’

‘Strong is the New Pretty’ is a new photo series of a commercial and fine-art photographer Kate T. Parker. She has two daughters, nine year old Ella and six year old Alice.  In her recent and powerful series of photographs she has captured several pictures of her daughters and their friends playing and having fun with each other’s. 

The main idea behind the series is that girls should be free to do anything they want in their lives. She explained character, bravery, athleticism and strength of a girl and woman rather than her beauty.

strong is new pretty kate parker photography-5

strong is new pretty kate parker photography-3

strong is new pretty kate parker photography-1

girl strength strong is new pretty kate parker photography


These Silly Animals Licking Glass Will Put A Smile on Your Face

Animal usually love to lick almost every stuff around them but have you ever seen animals licking glass surfaces? Recently we stumble across a very interesting and funny series of photographs showing a bunch of various animal species stick their tongue on the glass surface and enjoying every second of it. There could be plenty of reasons why these animals like cats, dogs and other creatures doing this silly act but regardless of the reason their motives will definitely put smile on your face.

silly animals

animal licking glass

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Strikingly Beautiful 3D Printed Wearable Planters by Colleen Jordan

These new and colorful creations by Atlanta-based designer and artist Colleen Jordan are actually the most beautiful organic accessories you've ever seen.  Her new miniature creations are Wearable Planter that can easily adjustable in one’s neckline, lapel, finger, or even bicycle handle. Jordan’s tiny planters are made of 3D printed nylon and are water proof and maintain their colors due to acrylic varnish spray. These small vessels are flat bottom so you can easily place them anywhere. Check out some of her most adorable wearable green accessories in the following list.

3d printed wearable planters colleen jordan

3d printed wearable planters colleen jordan-4

3d printed wearable planters colleen jordan-2