Hilarious Struggles Only Parents Can Understand

Becoming a parent is always a pleasurable and most wonderful moment in anyone’s life. But parenting is also full of stress and difficult job, because there are many struggles that only the parents of raising children can face in their everyday lives. It is a common perception that being a mother is the hardest thing in this world but our today’s gallery will show you a totally different perspective.

These hilarious pictures below actually depicting the real chaos, hardships and struggles only parent especially dads can understand.





Quokka Selfie Is A Hot New Trend In Australia

Quokka is a cute and happy looking marsupial found in Rottnest Island in Western Australia. Quokka first got fame in 2013 when the authorities give him a title of the happiest animal in the world. They are friendly and good looking due to their natural curl on mouth. IUCN Red List gave them vulnerable status because of their low rate of reproduction and threats from other species.

Recently tourists have fallen in love with these cat sized adorable creatures. They are taking selfies with Quokka and posting on social media. After these selfies are going viral on internet it becomes a hot new trend in Australia to snap a selfie photo with these adorable creatures.

quokka selfie trend australia

quokka selfie trend australia-2

selfies with animal


20 Stunning Entries From 2015 Sony World Photography Awards

Sony has just announced the shortlist entries for the 2015 Sony World Photography Awards. The competition received record 173,444 photographs of the best amateur and professional photographers from 171 countries. As compare to last year, the 2015 competition notice a huge rise of 24% in receiving entries.

The Shortlist entries included Professional, Open, and Youth categories. The winner will be awarded a cash prize of $25,000 and a title of Photographer of the Year. The name of the winners will be announced on 23rd April. You may see the shortlisted photographs at Somerset House in London from April 24th to May 10th.





Strikingly Wonderful Origami Creatures by Adam Tran

Vietnam-based origami artist, Adam Tram uses paper to create strikingly wonderful objects. He creates beautiful origami models of prehistoric animals, plants and skeletons of warriors. His awe-inspiring models look so realistic that at first glance it seems like you’re standing in front of prehistoric creature in a museum exhibit. 

You can find more about his work on Flicker. Let us take a look on the following beautiful and creative work of art by Adam Tram.




These Before and After Photos Of Cats Growing Up Will Melt Your Heart

Pets are like our family members, as they grow up with us and quickly adjust to a new home. If you have grown up with a cat or dog you probably have some beautiful moments to share as with every passing day you learn more about your pets, their likeness, dislikeness and most importantly their unique habits. These adorable before and after photos of cats growing up will show you that no matter how long you are taking care of your furry feline, it is always feel like one of your family members.
 Remember When...


Then And Now


Toby Still Loves His Bed, 4 Years Later


Kitten To Teenager


Best Friends