Hilarious Documentation of Kids Crying For The Craziest Reasons Ever

Kids are cute and awesome, but they can also be very unpredictable and drive you crazy when they start crying for the silly and funniest reasons. ‘The Reasons My Son Is Crying’ is a funny Tumblr blog started by Greg Pembroke truly demonstrate that children will cry at absolutely anything.

Pembroke started the blog by posting the images of his own kids and within a week he started receiving photos from other parents with more bizarre reason their children crying for. The blog become so viral and even publish a book. So here are 20 of our favorite reasons why kids are crying:

kids crying for craziest reasons

Greg Pembroke kids crying for the funniest reasons, funny kids, kids stories 2

Greg Pembroke

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3D On The Rocks: World’s First 3D-Milled Ice Cube Sculptures

Japanese advertising agency TBWA\Hakuhodo partnered up with a well known whiskey company Suntory to create the world’s first 3D-milled ice cubes. ‘3D on the Rocks’ is the title of this latest ad campaign for Japanese liquor company in which they amazingly use CNC router technology to create extremely detailed ice cube sculptures.

All these incredible creations below are the result of a time-consuming modeling process and took between one and six hours to complete. The final designs include a great white shark, an astronaut, the Statue of Liberty, and Michaelango’s David. Check out the video and photos of these amazing creations below:

world’s first 3d-milled ice cube sculptures2

world’s first 3d-milled ice cube sculptures

world’s first 3d-milled ice cube sculptures-2


30 of The Most Creative And Innovative Product Design You Have Ever Seen

When it comes to product design the packaging of the product play a very important role. A beautiful and creative product design greatly influences our decision while choosing one product over another. You may agree that several times you purchase a useless product because it was designed beautifully.

So a product design not only serves the purpose of informing the customers, but it should also appeal to your target market and impress the customer with its creativity and design. Below is our selection of 30 creative and innovative product packaging designs that will inspire you!

1. Gloji Juice

Gloji Juice

2. Blush Matches

product packaging designs2

product packaging designs1

product packaging designs2

3. Break Fast

Break Fast

Break Fast

4. Butter! Better!

cool packaging design


30 Hilariously Painful Truth About Our Everyday Life

Kind Of Normal is a fun website dedicated to show a series of funny and insightful info graphics called “TruthFacts” raveling hilarious but painful truths about our daily routine life. The creative behind this brilliant series is cartoon artist Anders Morgenthaler and Danish writer Mikael Wulff also known as Wumo. Let us check out some of their most recent accomplishment below and don’t forget to share which truth fact best fit to you?

Painful Truth About Our Everyday Life-14

Painful Truth About Our Everyday Life-3

Painful Truth About Our Everyday Life

Painful Truth About Our Everyday Life-6

Painful Truth About Our Everyday Life-4

Painful Truth About Our Everyday Life1