Stunning Examples of Black And White Photography

Black and white photography has prominent importance in the world of art and photography. Although there is a trend of color photography all around but photographer tend to capture black and white photographs to reveal the breathtaking and photogenic look of a photograph.

What makes black and white photography look apart from color portraits

Most common questions people usually ask, if color photography is really awesome then why black and white photography is still popular. In my opinion the big difference is that if you remove the visual intensity that color adds to a photograph could result in a more interesting portrait. Yet another good thing about black and white photograph is rather than focusing on the color it makes you to only concentrate on the image.

One more thing that every one of you would love about black and white photography is that it reminds us our past as we mostly imagine pictures and memories in black and white. Sometimes black and white gives you clearer detail and makes image more attractive to look at. Thanks to digital photo editing software now you can easily transform a color image into black and white and a black and white photograph into color. Below we are going to showcase you 20 best and most stunning examples of black and white photography to inspire you.

Black And White Photography

black and white photography

Black And White Photography

Black andWhite photographs

Black And White Photography

black and white photography-2

Black And White  Street Photography

black and white street photography


20 of The Best Funny Happy Birthday Pictures Of All Time

Have you ever celebrated your birthday? If your answer is yes then how was your celebration on the occasion of your special day? Was that usual e.g inviting relatives and friends or just making it alone or with family only? I have already asked you too many question, now let me explain a little. So if you inviting everyone including your family, friends and relatives then really gonna have a full of fun celebration especially if there is a member who have great sense of humor.

For your parents your birthday is extremely important because it is the most special day in their life when they were actually blessed with you. And if we talk about your friends then this day is also unique for them as they enjoy every event of your life with you.

So without further addition here is our selection of 20 funny happy birthday pictures that will show you how others wish their special one in the most hilarious way possible.

epic birthday fail

birthday ecard

funny happy birthday pictures

funny pictures

Birthday Fail

Birthday Fail collection


Makeup Artist Turns Her Lips to Look Like Your Favorite Cartoon Characters

Meet Laura Jenkinson, a London-based makeup artist who creatively highlights famous cartoon characters with her beautiful lipstick makeup art. Jenkinson pays a hilarious tribute to cartoon personalities by painting them on her own mouth that expresses her great love for these characters. Not only her lips but all other organs like tongue, teeth, cheeks, and chin play a particular role to paint your favorite cartoon characters from Disney movies, Looney Tunes, The Simpsons, South Park and more.

makeup art laura jenkinson

lipstick makeup art

laura jenkinson cartoon character-1


Father Draw One Animal Letter Every Day to Teach His Son the Alphabet

Kyson Dana is a U.S web designer, who started drawing for his newly born baby boy to learn the alphabets. The artist creates stunning animal illustrations in alphabetical series. Kyson created his complete 26 alphabetical series on solid sketches with animal themes every day.

In order to complete the project within time period, he challenged his fellow illustrator Jeffrey Smith. Both friends completed their tasks within given time and posted their sketches every day on Instagram at midnight. Here are some of the collections of his alphabetical series.

 E is for Elephant

kyson dana alphabet animal illustrations

O is for Octopus

kyson dana alphabet animal illustrations-9

P is for Peacock

kyson dana alphabet animal illustrations-5


Heart Touching Photographs Of Oldest Trees Under Starlight

“Diamond Nights” is a beautiful photographic series of a talented photographer Beth Moon from San Francisco. The series consist pictures of oldest trees taken at nights. Mostly she captured the pictures of quiver and baobab trees in Namibia, Botswana and South Africa. Moon related two fascinating, scientific studies with her series, first is the radiation impact and the other is growth of tree buds correlated to stars and planets.

You can also watch our sensational post on Oldest Living Trees On Earth.

oldest trees beth moon diamond nights photography-1


Expressive Animal Portraits Reflecting Strong ‘Human’ Emotions

Vincent Lagrange is a young photographer based in Antwerp, Belgium. He is working on a photography project called “Human Animal”, where he captured both domestic pets and wild animals focusing on the expressive and most unique features of his subjects. Lagrange’s portrait series depicts his great love animals and his photographs are quite similar to what we human like to take of each other.
‘‘Today most people photograph just people, but only a few photograph animals," explained Legrange. "I tried to photograph the animals as humans, depicting their emotion and human-like characteristics in a sombre way.’’ 
emotional animal portraits vincent legrange emotional animal portraits vincent legrange-2 emotional animal portraits vincent legrange-6 emotional animal portraits vincent legrange-7 emotional animal portraits vincent legrange-8 emotional animal portraits vincent legrange-4 emotional animal portraits vincent legrange-9 emotional animal portraits vincent legrange-3 emotional animal portraits vincent legrange-1 emotional animal portraits vincent legrange-5 emotional animal portraits vincent legrange-13