Striking Photographs of People Living Alone in the Forest

Russian photographer Danila Tkachenko compiled a unique photo series of people who leave everything behind and live in total isolation and wilderness in his series "Escape". These people live in total wilderness and make their homes in the Russian and Ukrainian forest. His work depicts different angles as some of his subjects appear in peacefulness as they lay on the trees and some of his subjects look gaunt and uneasy. He showed us their homes made of natural material where they live. His work raises the question on social gathering and isolation.





These Before-And-After Photos Of Rescued Dogs Will Grab You by The Heart

Every single month hundreds of animals get abandoned and left for dead. When animal abused and left on the street, they have to face some terrible conditions that can be seen in these images below. Last Saturday was celebrated as International Homeless Animal Day to create awareness among the people to help neglected and homeless animals.

Below we have put together the most heart-breaking before and after photo collection of rescue dog you may have never seen.




These Hand-Cut Paper lustrations by Maude White Are Just Amazing

U.S.-based artist Maude White created an incredibly beautiful intricate paper artwork. She didn't used machines for cutting paper, she just uses a craft knife to cut tiny lines to create images. She belongs to a family of visual storytellers which helped him a lot in presenting those visual stories in the form of paper art. She did excellent work in the past as well and Brave Bird Paperwork & Jewelry paper art and handmade felt jewelry are the proofs of her excellent work.

Brave-Bird-Paperwork &-Jewelry-1


Brave-Bird-Paperwork &-Jewelry-2


Hilarious Guy Proposes to Five Princesses and One Villain At Disney World

Blaine Gibson is a creative member of the Austin-based production studio Rooster Teeth. He is a man on very special mission to get married not to anyone. He is actually looking for a Disney princess to marry. So for this purpose, Gibson picked up an engagement ring and went to Walmart to propose all of his favorite princesses.

He manage to take some romantic and breathtaking snaps while he got on one knee to propose to propose Cinderella, Jasmine, Ariel, Rapunzel even Gaston and his final shot with Tinkerbell is just awesome. Take a look!

It'll never work. One of them is from a dangerous place 
where humanity cannot survive. And the other is from the ocean.


I always pictured Cinderella with a more sleeved man.