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Amazing Cloth Faces by Bela Borsodi

Bela Borsodi, a creative photographer from New York creates faces and animals from clothing and fashion accessories. It is basically fabric arranging instead of fabric folding. Borsodi has created a frog, a swan, and many other creatures by simply using various fashion accessories. Borsodi is a great artist and have great skills of converting something into something else. His art of clothing faces is the real proof of his artistic skills. He has made these jacket faces for the opening of, an online Store. Here is the collection of his best clothing faces.  

Amazing Pencil Vs Camera Art By Ben Heine

Ben Heine is a talented Belgian artist and illustrator. He was born in  Ivory Coast, but now he resides in Brussels. He creates stunning images by seamlessly matching pencil sketches with the real life settings. Ben Heine actually calls his works as a Pencil VS Camera artwork. His masterpieces are actually nice illustrations. It was the year of 2010, when Ben Heine invented a brand new visual concept of art and introduced it to the world. He first takes a photograph in  order to create his Pencil Vs Camera artwork and then merge a section of that photo with a photo of his own penciled sketch over a portion of the original photo. His outstanding art is the mixture of imagination and reality and photography with drawing. He presents two different thoughts and visuals within the same scene in his art. Here is some of the best collection of his ‘Pencil Vs Camera’ artwork. Check out the full collection of ‘Pencil Vs Camera’ here. To read more about Ben, and view his other work/photogr