25 Inspiring Examples of Creatively Edited Photography

Photographers use editing techniques to create an illusion or deception in their photographs. Post processing is a famous technique, which is used for editing images to stylize them and to add them a more intense effect. They edit these photographs in such a creative way by increasing quality and overall looks of photography that even we can't decide about what to call them, photography or photo manipulation.

It requires a very creative set of skills to generate an exclusive image that can induce even the most experienced set of eyes. Everyone loves to see these creative image illusions because they are more meaningful and make your imagine deeply. Here are some beautifully creatively edited photographs for your inspiration. Enjoy and don’t forget to share with your friends.

Only OPENS, if you are open for fantasy

Only OPENS, if you are open for fantasy

My Cloud Tree

Edited Photography My Cloud Tree

The Endpoint

Edited Photography The Endpoint


Illusion Photography RIP


Amazing Photo Versus

Sun-bay watch

Inspiration Sun-bay watch

Close To The Clouds

Illusion Photography Close To The Clouds

Search in the sea

Photo Editing Search in the sea

The spring has come

Amazing Photo The spring has come

The icy corner

Edited Photography The icy corner


Illusion Photography Seperation


Photography aequilibrium


Photo Editing Hunter


Amazing Photo Hope


Creatively Edited Photography Joana

Monasterio de Piedra

Excellent Examples Of Creatively Edited Photography Monasterio de Piedra

                                                                           The Eerie Forest

Amazing Photo Enhancement and Editing The Eerie Forest

Waiting for the belling boy

Edited Photography Waiting for the belling boy


Illusion Photography Oak

Get High And Fly

Photo Editing Get High And Fly


Amazing Photo Camelkeepers

Alien Life

Alien Life

An ocean story

An ocean story



Cold in James’ house

Amazing Photo Cold in James’ house

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