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Green Planet Earth Logo Design for Inspiration

A Logo is a graphical element for any business. It is basically a trademark and important aspect of a company’s commercial brand. Creative designers created many different styles of logo designs that combine visual and intellectual concepts. Planet Earth logo design concept is one of them. The main concept behind this logo design is tenderness and care for our planet. In this article we took this as subject and we found modern gorgeous logo designs related to Earth. Here we have compiled a list of creative and beautiful logos featuring earth. World wine fest   Global Basketball We earth Living Hope Mission si yo cambio Arc Bio Cento (white) Earth Works One leader Loco buzz Global prime products Explora 01 Globe Clean earth

Most Creative Bookshelves Designs For Inspiration

When we think of a bookshelf, the first thing comes in our mind is probably a conventional rectangular shape bookshelf on the wall with a lot of books inside it. There are many creative designers who create unique bookshelves to be placed in offices or at home, to blend in the interior design that you have. Here we have compiled a list of creative bookcase designs that will inspire you as these are quite stylish, unique, and original. Enjoy!

Fresh Examples Of Photoshop Photo Manipulation

Photo manipulation is one of the most amazing image editing technique in Photoshop. Photographers use this technique to show their creativity, new trends and techniques in their works. They use analog or digital means to create an illusion or deception in their photographs. Here we’ve collected a list of some excellent examples of photo manipulations that will lead you in the world of Photoshop. From photography, nature, HDR, objects to illustrations as well as some fantasy-related and abstract concepts.

Excellent Collection of Party Flyer Design for Inspiration

A flyer is normally a single page leaflet for advertising event, festival, service or any other activity. If your party flyer has perfect combination of creative font and other visual elements, then it can easily fill the dance floor. Flyers are regarded as the most effective form of direct marketing and are inexpensive to produce. Here is the list of some of the most creative party flyers for your inspiration. SPRING HOT SOUNDS Business Flyer 80′s Flash Back Night – Flyer Template

Spectacular Examples Of Shadow Photography

Shadow Photography is a beautiful part of photography and many photographers use shadows in their photographs. They use it to enhance facet and significance in the image. Shadows can be used for many different purposes like emphasizing emotions and creating surreal images. Shadows look very beautiful and fascinating when paired with their parent object. Shadows are strongly used in black and white photographs. Many photographers use  it in color photos as well. Here we have compiled a list of some of the best shadow photographs captured by the renowned photographers.

Beautiful Examples of Flower Photography

Everybody enjoy the beauty of nature, when spring comes and beautiful flowers blossom and beautify the whole world. Flowers are the most sweetest things in this world. Everyone especially girls like flowers , and you can impress girls by giving a bouquet of flowers to them. Here we have compiled some of the most beautiful Flower photography work by different photographers for your inspiration.

Miniature Handmade Food Sculptures by Shay Aaron

Shay Aaron is a talented artist from Tel Aviv, Israel,who have done tremendous work on miniature sculptures. These handmade miniature sculptures are made of clay. In fact, he's even selling these mini treats on Etsy as jewelry! See more of Shay Aaron’s incredible work on Flickr .

Amazing Bird Nest Restaurant in Thailand

This is a unique restaurant located at the Soneva Kiri resort in Thailand. It offers unforgettable tree-top dining experience. Mouth-watering and delicious food is delivered by the waiter via zip line. Take a look!

Amazing Portrait Photography by Yurii Yurievich

Portrait photography or portraiture is a photography of a person or group of people that displays the expression, personality, and mood of the subject. Ukraine based talented  photographer, Yurii Yurievich has done tremendous work in portrait photography. Have a look on his great work.       View the website