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Adorable Dog Collage Artworks by Peter Clark

Creative designer and illustrator Peter Clark uses a collection of various papers to form all kinds of textured and patterned artwork. He created collages of everything from animals, to trophies, to clothing. Peter paints with paper, finding bits of treasure among other people's trash. Clark created substance and movement with lines plucked from old maps or manuscripts. You can check out more of Peter's work from his website. via [ Faith is Torment ]

Incredible Liquid Flowers Photography by Jack Long

Talented artist Jack Long created beautiful “unique liquid flowers” by using technique of splash photography. He used paint for making some kind of strange exotic flowers, that has splashed in such a way and captured in the right moment that it looks like a flower. They are actually high speed photographs of colored paints, captured in a way to mimic the shape of leaves, blooms and even pots. At first glance, these incredible images look like still-life portraits of flowers. You can see much more of his work on Flickr .

Wave House Design Concept By Gunes Peksen

This beautiful conceptual white house called “Wave House” is an incredible concept by Gunes Peksen, designer from Istanbul, Turkey.  Design shows that this house is entirely for people who want to enjoy and rest during their vacation. Just as the title suggests, the Wave House is meant to imitate ripples of water. The polygonal shape makes the house look futuristic and cool. Done entirely in white, the structure has been envisioned by the designer to suit distinctive lifestyles. The small pool set within the interior further enhances the charm and beauty of the Wave House. Enjoy the images about this gorgeous white house below:

Amazing Banana Tattoos by Phil Hansen

Multimedia artist Phil Hansen recreates famous works on a banana with a push pin. Hansen used a technique similar to pointillism in creating this art. His designs magically appear, when a fruit naturally browns. Hansen's new book,  Tattoo a Banana: And Other Ways to Turn Anything and Everything Into Art will be available on the amazon from next month.                    [via Phil Hansen ]

Fresh and Unique Photoshop Patterns for Elegant Designs

A pattern is generally a background image, that is widely used for website layouts. Patterns are almost the same with a texture. Patterns can add a lot to your Photoshop designs, whether they are used for brochure or for the background of your blog. Photoshop patterns enhance cohesive look of your project. You can use repeating patterns in Photoshop to produce attractive designs of website backgrounds with very little effort. Patterns helps to fill-up large area easily and adds details to the design. In this post we have collected a wide variety of free patterns for use in customizing your myspace pages and websites. Have fun!! Paisley Patterns Scrapbooking Patterns Stone Pattern Seamless Background Pattern

Detailed Glass Sculptures by Robert Mickelsen

Creative and talented artist Robert Mickelsen created Beautiful transparent sculptures from glass. Mickelsen is a globally known glass artist acclaimed for creating detailed images that resemble familiar objects, animals and humans. He was born in 1951 in Fort Belvoir , Virginia and raised in Honolulu , Hawaii. His work is exhibited in many prominent collections including the Renwick Gallery of American Crafts at the Smithsonian Institution, the Corning Museum of Glass, the Carnegie Museum of Art,  the Pilchuck Glass School and the Museum of American Glass at Wheaton Village. Take a look on his beautiful creative work.

Massive Angry Birds Space Wallpapers

Angry Birds Space is the fourth and latest installment to the angry birds series. Angry birds space wallpaper is one of the best choices when it comes selecting the perfect wallpaper. We've compiled a beautiful collection of Angry Birds space background images for your mobile, iPhone, tablet, iPad, desktop and/or laptop. Some of its great features include 70 interstellar levels, brand new birds, regular free updates, zero-gravity space adventures, brand new superpowers, new in-app purchases for Ios, trick shots using planets' gravity, beautifully detailed backgrounds, hidden bonus levels. So, let Angry Birds’ addiction take you to the next level as you apply these amazing wallpapers to your desktops screens. Enjoy! Angry Birds Space Bomb Bird iPhone Wallpaper   Angry Birds Space Blue Birds iPhone Wallpaper Angry Birds Space Bird Clan Light iPad Wallpaper

Outstanding Fresh Examples of Creative Illustrations

An illustration is an image presented as a photograph, drawing, painting or any other work of art that is created to dictate or elucidate sensual information by providing a visual representation graphically. When you are out of idea its always great and helpful to see some professional work to inspire you to do better. In this post we present some fresh examples for inspiring your drawing skills as an illustrator.

Amazing Transparent House in Tokyo

Japanese architects Sou Fujimoto Architects designed a beautiful house with floor-to-ceiling glass windows. The house is also known as House NA because of its modern and transparent style. The house is situated in Tokyo. It has 914 sq-ft (85 sq-m) height. It is entirely construct by the Glass. There is hardly any wall inside the house. Here are more pictures of this beautiful transparent house.

Seriously Funny Print Ads that’ll Make You Laugh

Everybody love funny and great ads. Ad agencies often rely on humor to make the creative humorous adverts to capture the public’s attention. Effective print ads provide a clear message. A humorous print ad campaign starts with a funny idea. If there is a serious message to be conveyed, humor can easily convey the message and grab public's attention. Here we have compiled a list of some of the best creative print advertisements which could make you think & smile. Bonafide Black Coffee: Motorhome Ambi Pur Toilet Gel: Eau de Toilette, Hero Diamond Coffee: School Bus Driver