Gadgets That You Would Like To Own

Gadgets and electronics are two words that fit very well together. We've compiled a list of some innovative gadgets. These gadgets are so cool that they will make you drool in desire. Some of these gadgets are prototypes or simply concepts, but in the future you'll see them in the real. Of course, there are some gadgets that are a little bit expensive but some of these can be bought for an acceptable price. Here’s a list of awesome and cool gadgets that you can own in real life:

1- Jetovator: water-propelled stunt bike:
It is a revolutionary new water-sports accessory that elevate you to the heights you never thought possible. On this aerial water vehicle, you can fly with the speed up to 25mph, reach heights up to 30 feet, dives down to 10 feet, and insane aerial tricks like 360 degree barrel rolls, and back flips.



2- Solar Charging Case for Apple iPad:
The Lily-pad is made of new solar ink technology to continually charge the iPad with light. The iPad cover is so amazing that it keeps the iPad charged at all times because of its solar panel on the back and an additional internal battery. It provides charging up to 10 days of use for an iPad without a single charge.

Solar Charging Case for Apple iPad

kudocase solar charging case ipad

3- Blue Experience:
Blue Experience is a newly developed advanced Facebook App that works beautifully on a dedicated FB phone.
facebook phone tolga tuncer
facebook phone

4- Emperor 200:
The Emperor 200 gaming station sports three screens gives you a physical well-being ergonomic leather seating unit. It has a touch-screen controls, and a view to kill with three computer displays positioned just right for you to lean back and enjoy.
emperor 200 computer workstation


5- Tofi:
Tofi is like a real floating home with lower positioned and wide opened rear deck, diving board to enhance amusement of sea dabbling and a safety buoy system for both children and adults.


6- Clock-o:
Clock-O wall clock is designed by Raunak Narang. This unique contemporary chronograph has  numberless dialing. It has LED lights in it that emit a glow to show the minute and hour hands.

clocko 01


7- Geocentric:
Geoffrey Cooper has designed this Geocentric Watch. It is a sci-fi-inspired watch.


8- Bicycle Rearview Camera:
The gadget is designed to keep the safety of bikers in mind. The 2 1/4 degree W x 1 1/2 degree H  camera provides a clear view of the road behind.

Bicycle Rearview Camera

Hammacher Rearview Camera Light Camera Combo

9- Bedol Water Powered Alarm Clock:
The alarm clock works without batteries and without electricity. It runs completely on water by taking electrons from the water molecules and converting them into electrical current.

Bedol Water Powered Clock

water powered alarm clock

10- 144-Hour Candle:
144 Hour candle made by Beeswax is easy to use and lasts for hours. The Candle allows you to set the amount of time it burns before it automatically extinguishes itself.

coil candle

11- Mophie Keychain Charger for Apple iPhone:
It is a lightweight device attached to a keychain. It boost your iPhone battery up to 30% to 50% charge. It works with every model and generation of iPhone and iPod.

Mophie Keychain Charger for Apple iPhone

Mophie Keychain Charger for Apple iPhone
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