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Fantastical and Surrealistic Animal Paintings by Jacub Gagnon

Jacub Gagnon, Toronto’s talented emerging contemporary artist is very well known for his  clever whimsical paintings . Jacub Gagnon created images that question and entertain the discussion of connectivity. He has recently passed his graduation from Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD). He presented objects and animals in his painting in bizarre manners. Jacob Gagnon's work has a magical animal appeal. Although his artwork is surrounded by darkness yet you can see the subject of his painting under a spotlight.

Mind Blowing Insect Life Photography

Insects are found in almost every part of the world, and their variety is surprisingly impressive. They are an interesting subject for photography. Insect photography is a type of micro photography which holds a life-time of subject matter. This type of photography requires a "hunter/stalker" mentality to capture wonderful images of insects. Insect Photography allows all photos of insects, whether they are up close or in a distance when you are photographing. It’s hard work to produce a good image but provide a lot of fun with incredible detail, detail you wouldn’t normally see. Here is a showcase of some of the most beautiful photographs of this small creature, hopefully it'll give you abundance of inspiration. After the rain by Leon Baas Buzz VII by GreenEyedHarpy no.153 by murat yılmaz

Cookie Cup by Sardi

The innovative, Eco-friendly Cookie Cup is designed by Venezuelan designer, Enrique Luis Sardi. Sardi designed it especially for Lavazza, an Italian coffee company.  These cookie cups are made of pastry and special icing sugar. Sugar icing is coated on the inner side of these cookie cups which serves as an insulator. This coating makes cup waterproof and sweetens the beverage. Once you’re done, eat your cookie.

Cool and Creative Animals T-Shirt Designs

Everybody loves to see awesome, cute and funny animals. Even they can’t be ignore when we see their images. There is a new trend of printing cute pictures of these animals on clothes. T-Shirts are part of our daily lives. We can see cute animals in T-Shirts Design . Everybody loves and wants to wear that art to delight or even shock others eyes or aim to fool them. Here is a collection of some of the cutest and most creative t- shirts for your holiday season. Enjoy! Black Panther Face The Mountain Tee Shirt Child S-XL Adult M-XXXL The Mountain Combat Stryker Adult T-shirt Tee White Tiger Face The Mountain Tee Shirt Child S-XL Adult M-XXXL The Mountain youth Shark Bite Short Sleeve Tee White Kitten Face Men’s White Tee

Artwork of Banksy Recreated in Real Life

British photographer Nick Stern used human models to recreate some of the most famous works of street artist Banksy. He reproduced the work of the well recognized graffiti artist Banksy with his series 'you are not Banksy'. Nick admired Banksy by saying that he loves cheek and humor of the famous artist. He has provided great tribute to Banksy and his style by converting real life to recreate art. These new recreations of Banksy graffiti starring real people and objects in place of the drawn originals include an appropriation of an appropriation. Here is the series, and if you’re interested in buying these prints, you can visit Stern’s website.

25 Breathtaking Examples of Rainwater Photography

Taking photographs in unusual weather especially in rain is not a new phenomenon in photography. Rain is considered as the most beautiful gift of Mother Nature. Many photographers love rain and take photographs in rain as it provides the best opportunity to capture the wonderful rainy photos. It makes your mind fresh and gives pleasant feeling. Shooting in rain gives dramatic feelings of love and romance. Rain photography is an easy but challenging style of photography. Below are some extreme wonderful examples of rain photography showing intriguing beauty with elegance and uniqueness. I hope you will enjoy all the photos as I have! Rain again by Chris I love you same much as in the first day when i meet you by Caras Ionut Sun w Rain by Anton Kuzmenkov

10 of The Best iPad Apps for Web Designers and Developers

As iPad is getting more and more popular among tech users, the app market is becoming a profitable place for designers and developers. After the release of iPad, Web Developers and Designers are eager to know about iPad apps that would work for them. iPad apps are designed especially to take advantage of all the technology built into iPad. These apps include sketching, drawing and note-taking apps, wire-framing apps, painting apps, website editors and publishing and analytics apps. Here is the collection of some of the top iPad applications available right now for web designers and developers. I hope you will find this collection helpful for your upcoming design projects. Check out! 1. Paper Paper is the easiest and most powerful drawing tool to Draw, Sketch, paint, Outline and Color with elegant and intuitive interface. It is a special built for your brand new iPad featuring retina display. 2. Adobe Ideas Adobe Ideas is your digital sketchbook for tablets and sm

Surreal Gravity Defying Photographs by Philippe Ramette

Today many creative artists are gaining experiences around the concept of defying gravity. Talented French conceptual artist Philippe Ramette is also one of them, who created beautiful and amazing poses of gravity-defying in his photographs. These photographs are real and are not modified in Photoshop or with the help of any other software. These beautiful images are captured on the site with the help of hidden metal supports. They're unique, imaginative, full of fun and well-executed.  Here is the collection of his photographs in all unlikely postures and places.

Fresh Examples of Unusual and Creative Tattoo Designs

Tattoos have become more popular in the recent years because of its diversity in styles and designs. They are an interesting means to decorate and pamper one's body or body parts to make them more attractive, alluring and charming. Tattoos are more popular among teen age boys and girls. Different types of tattoos designs can be marked like flag tattoos, eagle tattoos, animal tattoos, Skull tattoos, feminine, Gemini, floral peek, Spiderman, feather, and 3D tattoos etc. Today we showcased here simple, smart and creative tattoos designs. Some of them are henna tattoos, temporary tattoos and permanent tattoos. Brittany-Tattoos by BM-Photography Self Portrait by aheathphoto RRE - Can't Sleep, Clowns Will Eat Me by LEGENDofLMPF Tattoo Before The Shoot by Moonlight-Nightmares

Luxury Moveable Osros Floating Island

Luxury floating island, Orsos Islands is designed by an Austrian company to offer the billionaire super-yacht lifestyle for mere millionaire money. It has six luxury double bedrooms, a BBQ, Jacuzzi, a sun deck area with lounge chairs, a fifteen person bar and more than 10,000 square feet of usable living space for 12 residents and four staff members. The boat has an autonomous power supply system. The fabulous yacht island has priced of £3 million. It is a beautiful combination of the positive aspects of mainland real estate and luxury yachts at much reduced cost. This boat will come to world by the end of 2013.

Excellent Examples of Conceptual Photography

Conceptual photography is a type of photography in which the artist makes a photograph of an idea or concept. Conceptual photography isn’t really photography, its basically an art. Photographers often use computer editing techniques to achieve the desired effects in conceptual photography. It is the type of photography in which photographers try to convey a message or concept. Conceptual photography is an open door to creativity and imagination. If you are not familiar with conceptual photography, below are the fresh and most amazing examples of conceptual photography by some talented photographers around. I recommend you to visit their portfolios for more by clicking each photographer name, and I’m pretty sure you may even get to buy some prints. Night Time by Martin Marcisovsky   My SUN by Awadh Alshamlani The Beautiful Earth by Saeed Al Amri Mystery by Pavel Tereshkovets Hell's Mouth by AimishBoy Red and White by dete Arranging by Mirk