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20 of The Best Celebrity Name Puns

Now days a new trend known as visual puns is making a buzz on the internet. It is an amazing series of images with two or more panels generally poking fun at celebrities’ names. This trend was first introduced on September 8th, 2008 when a photoshopped picture of American actress Reese Witherspoon holding a spoon was uploaded on the art message board. The very next picture showed the actress without spoon having subtitle of “Reese Withoutaspoon”. For you inspiration today we present you some of the best collection of Celebrity Name Puns. Don’t forget to share your favorite one in the comment section below!

Collection of the Most Latest and Well Designed Websites

Inspiration has no limits, particularly when it comes to web design the creativity, good contrast, elegant colors, usability and clear message everything matters. The web design field has undergone through huge advancements and innovations which without doubt has made the online consumer experience more pleasurable and fun. In the web design process Inspiration plays the most critical role and there is no lack of inspiring places to find some of the most outstanding web design on the web. However you might have no extra time to spend in browsing galleries to find the best and new trend in web site design. But don’t worry, because our today article provides you all the inspiration about the websites using modern web technologies in their web design process. Check out! George Gina & Lucy Milwaukeepolicenews Signnow Pantechusa Welldoneteamgb Zensorium Flow Media Spokespedicabs Minerva

20 Interesting Examples of Pixel Art That You Might Love

Pixel art is one of the superb types of digital art in which images are created and edited at the pixel level. Pixel art is created with the help of raster graphics software and is used in old-school computer and video games, mobile phone games and graphing calculator games. Today I have gathered a lot of interesting examples of pixel art from some of the best pixel artists around. Enjoy!

Incredible Nail Art by Kayleigh O’Connor

Kayleigh O'Connor, a 24-year-old media studies student at Birmingham City University (UK) amazes friends and strangers with her mind-blowing wacky finger nail designs which include popular film, television and cartoon characters. The story of Kayleigh is very interesting and you will be surprise to know that she started gluing on false nails when she was around 16/17 to cover up her badly bitten real ones that looked like something out of a horror movie. Although Kayleigh O'Connor spend very short time of just two hours to perfecting her elaborate and unique designs which look bit crazy also. Have a look! Mad Hatter nails Only Fools and Horses Evil Dead Nail Art Cthulhu nail

Cute and Funny Dogs That Look Ashamed

Do you like Dogs or Puppies? Most of us like puppies because they are cute and small, although dogs also need our love and affection. If you actually love Dogs and Puppies then funny and crazy dog quotes are going to make your day. In case you're having a boring day and need a little cheering up then funny Dog Sayings are for you. In order to bring a little fun in your life, today we will show you a bunch of cute, ashamed dogs. I hope you will enjoy these funny and crazy dogs as much as I have. Take a look!

Creative Ways Of Hiding Dead Trees

Removing an old and dead tree is a difficult process; it's easier to make use of it in fun and creative ways. Old and dead cottonwood trees got their second life as a creative sculptures in the area of Craig , Colorado. All these  trees were infected by some disease, so the city council got approval of their cutting and hold a chainsaw competition with heavy prize. Instead of completely cutting or chipping an old tree, simply turn it into creative sculpture, which adds more beauty to the place and surroundings. Check out!

Amazing Miniature Motorcycles Made From Watch Parts

Toronto-based artist Dan Tanenbaum created miniature motorcycles using vintage watch parts. Dan Tanenbaum has an active interest and enthusiasm for watch collection. He transforms Old and broken watches into cool and amazing motorcycle sculptures. He uses dials, gears,and other parts of the watch in the construction of his extraordinary bikes. Dan has been creating these miniature bikes since 2010. Various Motorcycling Magazine has published and featured his unique works. If you want to view his complete collection of miniature bikes, please log on to Facebook and visit his Facebook page, Watch parts motorcycles .

New And Interesting Industrial Designs That Make You Unforgettable

Industrial designers always inspire us with new, innovative and interesting designs which make us to dream nicely about our modern future. These futuristic designs surprise us greatly with their function, style and use. We need to appreciate all those industrial designers who not only bring these outstanding innovations as well as help and create landmark for many young designer to learn new techniques in the field of industrial design. So in order to appreciate these intelligent designers today we will introduce you some fresh and interesting industrial design concept which will make you look twice. Check out! Nike Arc Angel Pointe Shoes Nike Arc Angel is a footwear solution especially created for dancers to reduce the impact on their feet while in pointework training.      ( Source )  Waldner: Next Generation Ping Pong Table Waldner is designed utilizing advanced computer system integration and feature a multi-touch surface which quickly responds to huma