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Extraordinary Shots Taken with SmartPhones

According to NPD Group's "Imaging Confluence Study" the percentage of photos taken on a smartphone has been reach… Read more

Incredible Examples of Above The Clouds Photography

If you have a camera in your hand and looking for an awesome subject, look at clouds as they are the great examples of natural … Read more

26 Mesmerizing Action Shots Taken with a GoPro Camera

GoPro is one of the world’s leading activity image capture company formed by Nick Woodman. It was dedicated to adventure photog… Read more

25 Inspiring Quotes on Creativity

Putting yourself in a mode of creativity can completely change your mind and make you think of something new and innovative. So… Read more

Incredible Examples of Photo Retouching by Todd Riddiford

When it comes to photo retouching designers have numerous choices in order to achieve certain results in Photoshop. A Melbourne … Read more

Funny and Exciting Science Museum Billboards

Vancouver’s Science World museum teamed up with Rethink Canada to create a series of funny and interesting billboard ads in ord… Read more

Mind-blowing Examples of Pencil Illustrations by Franco Clun

Franco Clun is a creative and intelligent artist from Italy. His passion is drawing, although he doesn’t study art but he learn… Read more

Interesting Photoshop Tutorials Released in August and September 2012

Being a designer you always need to keep your skills sharp and up-to-date. There are hundreds of tools out there which can enha… Read more

Extraordinary Examples of Night Photography

Without doubt shooting under low light is not less than a challenge but having some basic knowledge of night photography and we… Read more

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