Collection of 30 Still Photos With Subtle Motion

Although cinemagraphs are not quite a video, still they are more than a photo. They are basically the still photos in which editor add a minor and repeated movement in them. They look like still photos but actually they have a subtle area of movement. They are especially designed in a way to grab your attention and keep you looking.

It's amazing to see that how much a tiny bit of movement can do in a still photo. These type of pictures can be produced by a lot of methods such as video recording, taking series of snap shots, using software of image editing, using format of animated GIF files etc. Today we will present you some beautiful examples of cinemagraphs for your inspiration. Enjoy!

Kiss me in Paris

Caught in the rain

It’s the perfect time of year for afternoons at cafes and city walks in trench coats…

A quiet autumn rain…

On top of the world

Quite the Volley!

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

So Tasty!

Spring Dresses

The kettle can wait…

Young Love

It is the season for tea & tweed


goodbye to the season


Animated gif 

Animated GIF artwork


Still Photos

Photos With Subtle Motion


Infinite coke

Keep Rolling

Keep Rolling

Keep Rolling

Keep Rolling

Keep Rolling


Mouse is always 'busy'

Slide to unlock

THINK... about it

Who's watching who


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