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30 Insanely Misspelled Tattoos Design

Tattos are becoming more and more popular and being widely used to decorate our body parts to make it more attractive, allurin… Read more

Stupidest Client Feedback Turned Into Posters

Intelligent Irish graphic designers Shanley and Paddy Treacy got together with a team of other ad creatives, designers, animator… Read more

35 Photographs Demonstrating the Beauty of Ballerinas

Ballerina Project by Photographer Dane Shitagi is really an outstanding project showcasing the graceful beauty of ballerinas. He… Read more

Wonderful Snow Shots to Freeze Your Eyes

I am a huge fan of winter photography and it is one of the specialized niches of photography in some colder parts of the world. … Read more

40 Most Hilarious AutoCorrects Of 2012

Damn You, Autocorrect features great collection of the funniest texting FAILs based on Facebook shares, tweets, comments and pag… Read more

15 Inspirational Quotes for 2013

Time is passing like a rocket and most of us have no sense to spend it in a useful way. It is still hard to believe that another… Read more

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