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30 Insanely Misspelled Tattoos Design

Tattos are becoming more and more popular and being widely used to decorate our body parts to make it more attractive, alluring and charming. Most of the people feel remorse when they get misspelled tattoos done on them.  There can be many reasons why your tattoos gone wrong or misspelled. Tattoos may often be misspelled while picking tattoos under the influence of alcohol and also the person at your tattoos parlor is not a professional. For your inspiration today we have find out some of the most hilarious and Insanely Misspelled Tattoos Design which will make you look twice.  Facebok Ridioulous Only God Will Juge Me  Beautiful Tradgedy Everyone Elese Does                                                                                  Belive!  Exreme

Stupidest Client Feedback Turned Into Posters

Intelligent Irish graphic designers Shanley and Paddy Treacy got together with a team of other ad creatives, designers, animators, directors and illustrators to turn their most popular and worst client criticism into creative posters. This interesting work was exhibited at The Little Green Café, Bar and Gallery in November in order to provide you the chance to purchase A3 prints of all entries selling for only €10 apiece. Whole the amount raised through this exhibition was donated to the Temple Street Children Hospital. Have look at the work!

35 Photographs Demonstrating the Beauty of Ballerinas

Ballerina Project by Photographer Dane Shitagi is really an outstanding project showcasing the graceful beauty of ballerinas. He initially started the project in Hawaii and Honolulu but he continues exploration of the beautiful ballerinas and finally takes it to the streets of Boston, New York and Toronto. Shitagi prefer to shoot outside the studio in order to showcase his creativeness and inspiration which according to him only a living city can bring. By explaining the project Dane Shitagi says, “Ballerina Project is more about the dancer than the dancing.”I tried to take pictures of the ballerinas – not of their dancing. It’s not your typical dance photography project, but rather, "an etching of ballerinas' hearts and emotions." Each posture is more creative and expressive than the next. Hopefully you will enjoy the curves, movements and juxtaposition of beautiful Ballerinas as much as I have!

Wonderful Snow Shots to Freeze Your Eyes

I am a huge fan of winter photography and it is one of the specialized niches of photography in some colder parts of the world. Most of the countries have entered into the snowy winter season and peoples have enjoyed one Snowy night before Christmas. Although snow photography is one of the most enjoyable types of photography but there is always a big risk of frostbite and hypothermia while capturing those stunning winter shots. If you not been able to enjoy the snow and the freezing atmosphere of winter don’t worry today we have a great collection of snow photography for you to enjoy the beauty of snow season. Have a look and don’t forget to share your favorite shot with us. S a n t a ' s V i l l a g e by Michael Adamek  First snow ... by asmundur  FrozenFox by Roeselien Raimond  Snow in Allen  Ice Capades by Marsel van Oosten

40 Most Hilarious AutoCorrects Of 2012

Damn You, Autocorrect features great collection of the funniest texting FAILs based on Facebook shares, tweets, comments and page views. These hilarious auto-corrected text messages are uploaded by smartphone users around the world. Most smartphones has an auto-correct feature that is useful to catch sneaky typos. However sometimes a text is changed automatically that is totally wrong in context and also creates confusion. Today we have rounded up 40 of the most hilarious auto-corrects of 2012. See all the texting FAILs and vote for the most outrageous auto-correct. Best Wishes For The New Year Death star diet  A Man’s Meal

15 Inspirational Quotes for 2013

Time is passing like a rocket and most of us have no sense to spend it in a useful way. It is still hard to believe that another year has come and gone. You may also be looking for a little bit of inspiration for the New Year to make you chuckle in your walk of life. Inspirational quotes can lift your spirits, make you laugh and boost your creativity if you let them. So today we have come up with fresh collection of inspiring quotes to begin your day and also the New Year 2013. Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right!