35 Photographs Demonstrating the Beauty of Ballerinas

Ballerina Project by Photographer Dane Shitagi is really an outstanding project showcasing the graceful beauty of ballerinas. He initially started the project in Hawaii and Honolulu but he continues exploration of the beautiful ballerinas and finally takes it to the streets of Boston, New York and Toronto. Shitagi prefer to shoot outside the studio in order to showcase his creativeness and inspiration which according to him only a living city can bring.

By explaining the project Dane Shitagi says, “Ballerina Project is more about the dancer than the dancing.”I tried to take pictures of the ballerinas – not of their dancing. It’s not your typical dance photography project, but rather, "an etching of ballerinas' hearts and emotions." Each posture is more creative and expressive than the next. Hopefully you will enjoy the curves, movements and juxtaposition of beautiful Ballerinas as much as I have!

Ballerina Dance

Beautiful Ballerinas

Alys - Lower East Side

Alys - TTC Streetcar

Ballerina Project 5

Ballerina Project in Hawaii 2

Ballerina Project in Hawaii

Ballerinas Photograph

Ballerina Project

Beautiful Ballerina

Brittney - Central Park

Beauty of Ballerinas,

Cassie - Central Park

Christina - Riverside Park

Dancing Girls

Claire - Central Park

Dane Shitagi

Helen - South Beach

Drew - Riverside Park

Kate - Princeville, Kauai

Nicole - 14th Street

Pictures of Ballerinas

Pretty Ballerinas

Stephanie - Central Park

Zarina - Brooklyn Bridge Park

Zarina - Hana, Maui

ballerina project

ballerina project Helen - South Beach

ballerina project Cassie - Central Park

ballerina project Violeta - Lincoln Tunnel

ballerina project West Village

ballerina project Zarina - Hana, Maui

ballerina project Zarina - Kanaio, Maui

ballerina project's Photo

ballerina project's Photos

       Source: Ballerina Project on Facebook

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