40 Most Hilarious AutoCorrects Of 2012

Damn You, Autocorrect features great collection of the funniest texting FAILs based on Facebook shares, tweets, comments and page views. These hilarious auto-corrected text messages are uploaded by smartphone users around the world. Most smartphones has an auto-correct feature that is useful to catch sneaky typos. However sometimes a text is changed automatically that is totally wrong in context and also creates confusion.
Today we have rounded up 40 of the most hilarious auto-corrects of 2012. See all the texting FAILs and vote for the most outrageous auto-correct.

Best Wishes For The New Year

Death star diet 

A Man’s Meal

A Trip To The Dentist

Ah! Ah! Ah!

All Worked Up

Autocorrect or Terrible Advice?

Bad Santa

Best of DYAC: New Baby


Chowing Down

Corporal Punishment

Dad’s Special Christmas Present

Death Star Diet

Do You Want…

Emergency Stash

Flirting Fail

Get The Party Started!


Hope You Got Your Money’s Worth!

Love/Hate, Relationship

Maybe She Should Spend More Time There

Merry Christmas, Mom

Mom’s Night Out

Music To Your Ears

New Baby

New Years Eve Party

On His List


She Caught Something…

She Likes To Take Her Time

Springtime in Dagobah

The Personals Get Personal

Truly Dazzling

What Happens At High Speeds

When Does It Close?


You Can Be Too Generous

You Know What They Say About Jewish Guys…

All You In A Few

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