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“Follow Me To”: Photographer's Romantic Journey with His Girlfriend

Intelligent Russian photographer Murad Osmann has recently come up with an interesting and full of entertainment photo series known as “Follow Me To”. The photographer Murad Osmann travels around the world with his girlfriend leading the way. He composes all his shots in such a creative way that only show you the back of his girlfriend while holding his hand around the romantic, beautiful and exotic landscapes. Murad’s girlfriend leads us to a journey, in which they spend a romantic night in Moscow, an exotic adventure in Asia and many other beautiful places you visit for free with this photo series. Take a look!

30 Of the Most Unusual Houses Around the World

The design of a home can truly represent the people living in it. Everyone of you has different ideas in your mind that how your home sweet home should look like. Depending on your choice it can be big or small, dark or bright, wild and bizarre, because everyone perceives differently about comfort and functionality of the home. Some people want to give strange and weird look to their homes to stand out from others. Today we are going to introduced some of those people and their homes which can surely be considered the most awkward, strangest and also the most interesting homes on earth. Hopefully this collection will give you inspiration for your next home. Gingerbread House. Orlando. Florida. The USA Balancing Barn Home in Suffolk, UK World's Thinnest House, Poland Cube Houses Netherlands Curved House Mongolia, China

KIOSC Green School Design by Woods Bagot Architects

Well known architecture firm Woods Bagot has recently introduced the design of Knox Innovation Opportunity and Sustainability Centre (KIOSC) in Melbourne, Australia. The team has made special efforts to incorporate Eco-friendly construction methods in the design. The center is situated in Swinburne University of Technology's Melbourne Campus, and student in grade 7 through 10 from the city of Knox are encouraged to visit the discovery center, attend presentations, make use of new technological devices and take lessons in specialized learning spaces. In order to create an engaging and inspiring learning environment the center efficiently uses the architecture as an educational tool by combining different colors and modern technology. This might be the best place for students to learn and develop their skills. Have a look!

Beautiful Fashion Illustrations By Mustafa Soydan

Mustafa Soydan is very imaginative graphic designer and fashion illustrator from Istanbul Turkey . He has some enchanting illustrations and collages in his portfolio. The creative work of Mustafa introduced his viewer an amazing world of soft nuances and pop colors that perfectly depict the beauty and sensuality of female figures. This includes accessories, make-up, dresses as well as some unique sign of high-fashion brands. Today we are going to feature some of the most beautiful fashion illustration by Mustafa Soydan. We hope you will enjoy the collection.

Unusual Album Covers Recreated With Socks

Do you ever think that socks can actually be used as a medium of art? However, you have to believe what the British photographer Thom Moore has done with his socks. He came up with a refreshing idea to recreate some of the most famous album covers with socks, which imaginatively called “The Sock Covers." His adventure is continued on his blog, and for your inspiration, we have merged both the original and recreated album covers to let you compare and enjoy. This unusual set of album covers will surely change your mind and turns your boring day into something fun!!

Nature-Inspired LED Mushroom Lights by Yukio Takano

Japanese designer Yukio Takano of The Great Mushrooming has come up with a cool idea of LED Mushroom Lights that every nature lover will appreciate. These amazing lights have been custom build using LEDs embedded in synthetic mushrooms, and it seems they are coming up out of the found wood of logs and tree stumps. While, these fun lights are actually built to serve the purpose of a lump to create illumination. Another cool thing about the lights is their lovely and colorful packaging design. Each light is packaged in a wooden box, and battery packs are also embedded in the base of the wood. Nifty retro on/off switches that are located on the front let you play the magic.

Mind Blowing Photo Manipulations by Mirella Santana

Mirella Santana is a creative young artist from Brazil. She loves everything that is related to images and take wide interest in arts, in general, whether in drawings, sculptures and photographs. Her photo manipulation techniques and digital painting skills are really impressive. Mirella takes inspiration from her own imagination to create dark and surreal photo manipulations. Mirella Santana love to do more of her work in dark, she think “it is a way to expose the relationship between good and evil, and free choice at all, but I also like to vary, not like I fixed only in one style”. For your inspiration today we are showing up some mind-blowing photo manipulations by Mirella Santana that you surely admire!  BURN OUT B E G I N N I N G  CANDY ANGEL  Dances Oceans  Dark Waters

Most Perfect Engagement Shoots You’ve Ever Seen

Engagement photography is one of the most special and wonderful style of photography that most of you love to see and enjoy. It could be a heartwarming scene for anyone to see a couple enjoying their life’s best moments. And especially for those who are still in search for their special someone can only think about comparing and feeling envious of what the other have that you haven’t. However those couples who are going to celebrate their engagement can also get inspiration from engagement photography. Every couple wants their engagement photos look beautiful, unique and memorable so a photographer need to be aware of the situation that how to come up with most amazing piece of shots. So today we have rounded up a collection of most wonderful engagement shots that not only helps the photographer as well as the couples to imagine such wonderful shots for themselves. Simply Sweet  I don't care if tomorrow ever comes  

Stylish And Elegant Faz Daybed by Ramon Esteve for VONDOM

FAZ Daybed is a stylish and elegant type of designed introduced by Spanish designer Ramón Esteve for VONDOM. The purpose behind this fancy design was to create a space that can be utilize for relaxing and sunbathing in the open air while protecting the skin from harmful sun-rays. The Daybed has wheels which make it easy to move around and adjust its position as you like. It is equipped with outdoor sound system that let you to enjoy music by connecting Bluetooth and Smartphone technology with its built-in speakers. The piece also boasts a light top translucent fabric, which uses Batyline technology to work as sunshade and umbrella. In all, this is really an awesome design that might be appreciated by each and every one of you! What you say share your comments: