Funny and Unusual Illustrations By Sam Taylor

Sam Taylor is a creative illustrator and Cartoonist with a great taste for the scatology, monstrous grotesque, gore and black humor. He is currently working for Vice Magazine and showing his artistic talent while drawing gross and colorful doodles on real life stories of the magazine. The underground comics, skateboard, punk rock and pop culture are best representing his artwork.

Most of his work is fun and slimy. You can find more about him and his artwork at his Website:

Bratwalk - VICE

unusual artwork

Festival Hell - VICE

My Unique Ship Tattoo - VICE
funnny illustrations
funny real life stories
sam taylor
Stoned Saddam - VICE
Pope Wasteman the First
The Relentless Unmanning of Chris Brown - NOISEY
Party Raccoon - VICE

weird illustrations
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