Stylish And Elegant Faz Daybed by Ramon Esteve for VONDOM

FAZ Daybed is a stylish and elegant type of designed introduced by Spanish designer Ramón Esteve for VONDOM. The purpose behind this fancy design was to create a space that can be utilize for relaxing and sunbathing in the open air while protecting the skin from harmful sun-rays. The Daybed has wheels which make it easy to move around and adjust its position as you like. It is equipped with outdoor sound system that let you to enjoy music by connecting Bluetooth and Smartphone technology with its built-in speakers.

The piece also boasts a light top translucent fabric, which uses Batyline technology to work as sunshade and umbrella. In all, this is really an awesome design that might be appreciated by each and every one of you! What you say share your comments:

Faz Daybed by Ramon Esteve

Faz Daybed

Faz Daybed by Ramon Esteve

Faz Daybed Design

Ramon Esteve Design

outdoor sunbathing

Relaxing chair

Stylish And Elegant Faz Daybed

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