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30 Amazing Places You Won't Believe Actually Exist

You might be surprised to see that how many unique and beautiful places there are around the globe that you won’t believe actually exist. Although we have transformed Earth beyond recovery, but there still exist many wonderful places such as fabulous islands, beautiful oceans, breathtaking lakes and awe-inspiring mountains, just waiting for us to discover.   If you take a look at these spectacular places you will surely be convinced that they belong to another world. But believe me everything is real and none of these incredible photos have been edited. Wonderful places not only exist in fairy tales and movies, but in real life as well. So, today I am going to showcase you some of the most amazing places that you won’t believe actually exist. Here I would like to say that you must see all of them before you die!  And Lake Hillier, Australia Baja California Desert Riverbeds

Hilarious Zoo Portraits of Animals Dressed Like Humans

Yago Partal, a talented graphic artist and photographer from Barcelona has come up with a funny photo series in which he creatively mixed animals and fashion photography, called "Zoo Portraits". In this hilarious photo series, he showed various animals dressed like humans. He cleverly paired human bodies with animal heads. If you are a pet owner or have dog and cat, then you already know dressing up of your pet in fashionable clothes. It's very unusual that you see a bear wearing a knitted jumper, a pig wearing a Hawaiian shirt or a racoon in a waistcoat. Koalas, pandas, tigers, foxes, monkeys, deer and lemurs all feature in this excellent series of portraits of animals dressed as humans. Take a look!

Collection of World’s Most Beautiful Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossom is the flower of Japanese Cherry called Prunus, also known as sakura. Beautiful and colorful cherry trees welcome the spring season with a wonderful burst of color. The flowering cherry trees are now at their peak in the world especially in Japan. Blooming period ranges between 15th March to 15th April depending on the types of species and annual environmental conditions. Cherry blossom represents feminine beauty and dominance, in Chinese culture. Various countries especially China and Japan organize Cherry Blossom festivals in this season to celebrate the spring. A lot of people from all over the world visit here to join this blooming period. Estimates put the number of tourists at something around in millions. For those who can’t go there, we have put together a beautiful collection of Cherry Blossoms around the World. Enjoy these photos and get a glimpse of world's most beautiful season!

Behind The Scenes Shots From Popular Movies

Movies were first introduced and shared with the masses in late 19th century, and since then it has captured the attention of millions of audiences. Have you ever seen behind the scene photos of your favorite movies? If not today we gonna share real behind the scene  shots from popular movies . We are totally accustomed of these films which are full of classic hits, drama, action, thrill and romance. But there is a whole different world behind these scenes. Scenes of great and successful movies dissolve us within them and we forget that it is actually a movie and the sights we see might actually be Hollywood sets. This amazing and unbelievable effect is simply achieved by all that goes on behind the camera, between the scenes. Here we showcase some of the most interesting and amazing behind-the-scenes shots taken from popular films. Back to the Future Django Unchained E.T. Filming The Empire Strikes Back Credits Roll

World's First Fully Edible Cake Hotel

British sugar brand Tate & Lyle recently opened a new pop-up hotel in London's Soho, which is being known as the world’s first edible hotel made entirely from cake. This Tasting House in London comprised on eight rooms inspired by various regions around the world.   Eight new brands of Fairtrade sugar give the rooms of the hotel an international flavor. It is the creation of a team of 14 cake makers, who spent 2,000 hours of baking, 900 hours of decorating and used 600 kilos of sugar. But one thing which is little disappointing to me is that you can passed only one night in the edible hotel with the service in the form of vanilla sponge cushions, a rug made of 1,081 meringues, a bath filled with caramel-coated popcorn, windowsills made from cake and edible books on the bedside table. 

Adorable Photos of Squirrels

Squirrels are nearly all active in every season. Squirrels are such a pretty and loving animal that everybody loves and some make them their pets. Canadian photographer Nancy Rose has captured the creative actions of squirrels that live in her backyard. She buys miniature toys and props and places hidden peanuts on a set to create the perfect shots. 

World’s Most Epic Parking Fails

On the public roads funny things are always likely to happen, and one of them is crazy attempts of parking. Parallel parking is an ominous feature of driving, although a bit difficult for some people but it's not exactly rocket science, either. A good parking job is almost an art, but bad driving and negligence of some people make it so difficult and crazy. Today we are going to introduce some of those people who have exactly no idea how to park their vehicle in parallel parking. Whatever the reason, it’s always entertaining to see these insane attempts of parking ended badly. Have a look!

12 Drunkest People You Have Never Seen Before

Hilarious photographs of wasted or drunk people are widely share on internet by their friends, exposing them doing something insane after drinking too much. The humiliation runs deeply for these passed out people, but they actually don’t feel it until they snap out of their drunken stupors. Below we have put together some funny gifs of those passed out people who can only feel shame on being pranked by their friends. This is commonly known as Drunk Shaming but here we would like to call it something funny!!! This man’s desire of roof surfing was ultimately in vain: Or this man who probably never use stairs again! Possibly the worst Santa Claus you have ever seen:

20 Most Beautiful College Libraries in The World

Most of us have a common perception when we think about libraries, a place of complete silence, boredom, and books. However today with our list of 20 Most Beautiful College Libraries we will try to changed this phenomenon about libraries. College libraries whether public or private, ornate or modern, digital or dusty we should love them and think they are all awesome. Keeping this in mind we have put together this list of the coolest college libraries around. Take a break from study and look at this list which will make you feel that you’re in one of the most beautiful college libraries.   1. University of Indonesia Central Library 2. Musashino Art University Museum & Library  3. Diné College Library

30 Heartwarming Vintage Photographs of New York City

New York can rightly be called one of the most beautiful cities on earth. Every one of you would like to visit the busy city and especially for photographers it is not less than a paradise to take a dream shot. But our today’s post is not to show you the modernity of the New York City. In the post below you will find some of the most beautiful Vintage Photographs of New York City to honor the legacy of your dream city. Grand Central Terminal, New York City (1941) Painters on the Brooklyn Bridge (1914) Manhattan from Union Square (1942)

Wonderful Photo Manipulations and Digital Recreations Inspired by Nature

Nature always inspire designer and digital artist to explore and incorporate its hidden beauty in the most creative way.   Nature is one of the most popular and visually engaging subjects, used by the Photoshop community in the photo manipulation and design work.   Digital recreation of nature subject can produce truly amazing results, if integrated rightly. It sometimes makes you look for some extra time to decide, could it actually exist in nature.   Today we have decided to inspire you with a range of spectacular photo manipulations by some highly talented artists and photographers around. Each of these images is beautiful in its own and rides that fine line between reality and fantasy.

23 of The Most Perfect Kissing Moments Ever

Hot kissing photos are great emotional shots. Kiss pictures demonstrate the memory of your beautiful moments like wedding day, birthday, Valentine’s Day and many other joyful moments in your everyday life. There are many ways to capture a perfect kiss shot; you can capture a kissing photo between two ordinary people, family, lovers, friends, between two animals, or even just the sending or receiving of a kiss. Kissing can be hard things to do until you get comfortable doing it. The joy and happiness of first kiss is priceless. Below are some beautiful kissing photographs of sweethearts, which made the moment absolutely perfect to watch. So here we try to impress you with these smoking' hot kissing moments that you have never seen before!

Same Couple with Different Hair Style, Clothes and Makeup

Young photographer Nacho Rojo , belongs to Spain created amazing and unique photo series namely "couples" with his girlfriend. The couple present themselves in front of camera with completely different characters. They use different make-up, hair styles, gestures, facial expressions, body piercings, tattoos and outfits of various social groups.  They have done their work in such a tremendous way that you really need to take a closer look to verify that they are the same people in all photographs. They presented themselves in hipster, Barbie-and-Ken, rockers and many other looks. Source