Cool and Beautiful Street Art of Alexey Menschikov

Russian artist Alexey Menschikov uses various methods to practice his incredible creativity. He can definitely be called as a jack of all trades. His field of interest includes street art, photography and video. Although most of his work based on simplicity but it’s too good to bring a clear smile on your boring face. Each and every piece he creates is more creative and interesting than the previous one.

Check out some of his creative and expressive artwork that will surely grab your attention.

Creative Street Art 2

Alexey Menschikov

Alexey Menschikov 1

Beautiful Street Art

Beautiful Street Art1

Clever Street Art

Clever Street Art 1

Clever Street Art1

Cool Street Art Examples

Cool Street Art Examples1

Creative Street Art 1

Creative Street Art

Creative Street Art1

Street Art

Alexey Menschikov 1
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