Hilarious Zoo Portraits of Animals Dressed Like Humans

Yago Partal, a talented graphic artist and photographer from Barcelona has come up with a funny photo series in which he creatively mixed animals and fashion photography, called “Zoo Portraits”. In this hilarious photo series, he showed various animals dressed like humans. He cleverly paired human bodies with animal heads. If you are a pet owner or have dog and cat, then you already know dressing up of your pet in fashionable clothes.
It’s very unusual that you see a bear wearing a knitted jumper, a pig wearing a Hawaiian shirt or a racoon in a waistcoat. Koalas, pandas, tigers, foxes, monkeys, deer and lemurs all feature in this excellent series of portraits of animals dressed as humans. Take a look!
Animal Fashion


Cute animal

Animal Fashion


Cute animal1


Funny animal Portraits


Hilarious Zoo Portraits


Hilarious Zoo Portraits1


Pets Fashion


Pets new Fashion


Yago Partal Photography


Yago Partal Portrait


Yago Partal


Yago Partal Portraits


new Pets Fashion


funny animal1

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