100 Years Old Vintage Photographs Of ‘Human-Powered’ Transportation In Japan

The transportation methods people use today are much convenient and different from the methods used in 1900s. If we look back in the history there were many old school ways that people used to get from one place to another. Most of the pre-historic method of transportation consisted of swimming and walking. With the passage of time men have made a rapid development in the field of transportation.

To show you the human-powered transportation in Japan in the early 1900s, we have put together a wonderful collection of vintage photographs best highlighting the transportation of this time. It was a much simpler time and the only method of transportation was in existence called human-powered’ transportation, including ‘man-drawn’ carriages and Jinrikisha (rickshaw) that is still in use in some parts of Tokyo.

Human-Powered Transportation In Japan

Human-Powered’ Transportation In Japan

Japan 100 Years Ago

100 Years Old Vintage Photographs

 Japan 100 Years Ago

Japan in 1900s

Japan vintage photographs

Japan old Photos

Transport In Japan 100 Years Ago

Old Photos of Japan

Transport In Japan More Than  100 Years Ago

Transport In Japan

vintage photographs
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