Creative Ceramic Sculptures By Johnson Tsang

Hong Kong based artist and sculptor Johnson Tsang specializing in stainless steel sculpture, ceramics and public art works. His sculptures are unbelievably realistic which seem to be caught like photographs. His beautiful sculpture lies in range between abstract and figurative art.  Tsang mixes both objects and human characters together by using special techniques through streams intersect, liquids spill from mugs and crash to the ground. Tsang’s works have been exhibited in various countries including Spain, Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong and Switzerland.

Creative Ceramic Sculptures

Creative Ceramic Sculptures

Amazing Sculptures

Amazing Sculptures2

 Artwork of Johnson Tsang

Artworks of Johnson Tsang

Ceramic Sculptures

Ceramic Sculptures1

Amazing Ceramic Sculptures

Ceramic Sculptures by Johnson Tsang

Ceramic Sculptures2

Johnson Tsang Art

Stainless Steel Sculptures

Stunning Ceramic Sculptures

creative Sculptures


     via:  Johnson Tsang 
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