Extremely Amazing Photo-realistic Digital Paintings of Celebrities

Digital painting is a modern form of art which is becoming more advanced, and epic with the use of digital tools and software like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Corel Draw. Digital painting industry has entered a new era in modern-day warfare, creating an ideal situation for designer and digital artist to better their work performance by minimizing the limitation.

With the use of high-end digital technology in combination with amazing tools and techniques, the designer and digital artist are able to create mind-blowing artworks that look exactly like the taken photograph. Today we highlight 22 extremely advanced Photo-Realistic Digital Paintings of our Favorite Celebrities and Movie Characters that will surely make your eyes come out.

Jensen Ackles by Puppet-Girl86

Rihanna by mediamaster

Mena Suvari  by Atebitninja

DEAN Portrait by Katarina-Venom

Marlohe by Preshky

Emma Watson by SoulOfDavid

Robert De Niro by Sheridan-J

Christina Ricci Painting by Packwood

Amanda Seyfried by SoulOfDavid

Kate Middleton by SoulOfDavid

Obligatory Johnny Depp Painting by Sheridan-J

Kate Winslet by SoulOfDavid

Megan Ewing by BikerScout

Susan Coffey by de-MAX

LOKI by Sheridan-J

Scarlett Johansson - Vector by Atebitninja

Kate Beckinsale by eileenirma

Paris Hilton by SoulOfDavid

 Jiyoung Portrait - Digital Painting by VictorSaddler

Jessica Alba by SoulOfDavid

Charlize Theron – Vector by Atebitninja

Katy Perry by SoulOfDavid

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