Magical Shots of Glowing Waterfalls in California

This wonderful ongoing photo series of lit waterfalls called”Neon Luminescence“is a result of effective collaboration between Sean Lenz and Kristoffer Abildgaard over at From the Lenz, a multimedia production company based in San Francisco.

In order to create a stunning pallet of light paintings, the duo dropped high-powered Cyalume glow sticks of different colors into a number of waterfalls in Northern California. This enables them to capture these wonderful exposures varying from 30 seconds to 7 minutes, and the result is brilliant fairy-rave fantasy dreamscapes. 

Glowing Waterfalls

Glowing Waterfalls

Glowing Waterfalls in California

Kristoffer Abildgaard

Long Exposure Waterfalls

Magical Shots of Glowing Waterfalls

Sean Lenz

Neon Luminescence

From the Lenz

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