Meet Kali: The World's Most Beautiful Orphaned Baby Polar Bear

The baby orphaned polar bear “Kali” was rescued few weeks ago by Alaskan hunter James Tazruk, who unwittingly shot the bear's mother near Point Lay, Alaska. The cute little cub weighs just over 18 pounds and currently residing at the zoo in Anchorage.

The good news is that, Kali seems to be very happy here at Alaska zoo and his best friend is a stuffed animal with whom he loves to play. Below we are going to showcase you the most beautiful photos of Kali, which best describes him as the world's cutest orphaned baby polar bear cub. Don’t forget to share your views about Kali in the comment section below:

Baby Polar Bear

cute Polar Bear photos

Baby Polar Bear1

Alaska Zoo

Beautiful Baby Polar Bear

James Tazruk
Beautiful Orphaned Baby Polar Bear

Kali photos at alaska zoo

Kali photos

Kali, Baby Polar Bear

Kali photos1

Kali playing with his friend


Orphaned Baby Polar Bear

Most Beautiful Baby Polar Bear

Orphaned Polar Bear1

Orphaned Polar Bear

cute animal

cute Polar Bear

cute baby polar bear

rescued baby polar bear1

rescued baby polar bear

Photo Credits:
John Gomes
Bob Hallinen
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