New Craze in Japan: Japanese Schoolgirls Perform Superhuman Energy Attacks

Recently a new trend “Makankosappo” is getting very popular among Japanese teenagers especially schoolgirls, who started the trend by uploading photos on social media sites. Makankosappo and variant Kamehameha are both powerful energy attacks seen in the popular manga-turned-anime Dragon Ball series.  Japanese youngster love to use these dangerous techniques releasing invisible energy that can send all the surrounding classmates flying!

Japanese Schoolgirls

New Craze in Japan

DBZ Attacks

DBZ Energy Attacks1

DBZ Energy Attacks

Dragon Ball Z Energy Attacks1

Fighting trends in Japan

Dragon Ball Z Energy Attacks


Japanese Schoolgirls energy attacks

Japanese Schoolgirls, real life photos



Superhuman Energy Attacks

Superhuman Energy Attacks1
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