Amazing Dreamlike Self Portraits of A 14-Year-Old Photographer

14 years old, talented young artists and photographer Zev has creatively documented his dream in surreal self-portraits. Betsy is name of his camera. His sister, Nellie who is just 18 years old is his assistant and secretary. Zev manage to uses different variety of techniques in his collection of images in the most creative way. Size ratio is the main theme of his portrait series. He presented himself in a very small size in his imaginative photographs.

Fiddle Oak’s words and photographs inspire journeys from reality to fantasy, dreams and wonder. He has rightly shown that he can produce some high quality photos and really deserve the title of youngest artists and photographer!

Fiddle Oak

14-Year-Old Photographer

Fiddle Oak

Fiddle Oak

Self Portrait

Self Portraits

Young Artists

Young Artists

Youngest photographer

Zev Self Portraits

Zev Self Portraits

Zev Self Portraits

Zev Self Portraits3

Zev Self Portraits4

Zev Self Portraits5

Zev Self Portraits6

Zev Self Portraits7

Zev Self Portraits8


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