Awe-inspiring Pictures of Volcano Billowing Smoke over Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo is one of the most active, dangerous and definitely the most visited volcano complex located in the eastern part of Java, Indonesia. The 2,329 meters (7,641ft) tall Mount Bromo is best known for its spectacular views with round-the-clock volcanic action. Landscape photographer Helminadia Jabur has taken some remarkable shots of Mount Bromo at sunrise and sunset. According to Helminadia Jabur, “The volcano is noted for its spectacular sunrises and majestic views all the way to Semeru volcano which is located further behind it."

Let us take a look at these awe-inspiring billowing emissions of Mount Bromo in east Java.

Helminadia Jabur

Helminadia Jabur Photography

Awe-inspiring Pictures of Volcanic Smoke

 Billowing Smoke over Mount Bromo

East Java Indonesia

Moonset Mount Bromo

Most Popular volcano complex

Mount Bromo

Popular volcano complex

Spectacular Volcanic Smoke

volcanic eruptions

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