Cat Beard Meme Taking the Internet by Storm

Recently a new photo trend “cat beard" is taking the internet world by storm.  It was first introduce in 2011 called ‘cat beards’ or ‘cat-bearding’ has now become an internet phenomenon.  The trick is very simple you just need to put a hapless moggie in front of your face to give the impression of a massive beard on your face which looks oddly similar to a cat.

For those who think growing a beard can be a little tough and time consuming job then cat beard is probably the fastest solution for most of the cat lovers. It seems Dogs lovers are also getting in on the act too, expecting that the "dog beard" could be the next hot trend on the internet.

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Cat Beard Meme

Cat beard

Cat beard

Cat beard

Cat beards internet craze goes viral

Photos with Cat Beards

Cat beard

cat meme


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feline craze

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the hottest feline craze

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