Hyper-realistic Sculptures are Made of Wood

Artist and Professor Tom Eckert uses traditional processes to carve these hyper-realistic sculptures of everyday objects entirely made of wood. He uses plenty of carpentry techniques in his creative sculptured pieces, such as constructing, bending, laminating, carving and painting.

After receiving his M.F.A. degree from Arizona State University, Eckert began teaching at the university. He has exhibited his work in over 150 national and international exhibitions. Recently his incredible artwork has been featured in the Netherlands after getting lot of appreciation throughout the United States.


Artist and Professor Tom Eckert


Hyper-realistic sculptures


Tom Eckert Artwork


Tom Eckert work

Tom Eckert


Wooden Illusions


creative Artwork


incredible artwork


sculptures by Tom Eckert




tom eckert wood cloth sculptures


wood cloth sculptures


wood sculptures by Tom Eckert


wood sculptures


For more details about his work please visit Eckert’s website www.tomeckertart.com

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