Impressive Examples of Street Art by Ladamenrouge

Ladamenrouge is a creative and intelligent French artist. Though he doesn't have any formal education in the field of art, but he has massive quantities of imagination, creativity and extraordinary talent that can be seen throughout his resident town of Saint Etienne, France. Ladamenrouge doesn’t even have any specific workplace or office rather a small garage with only 3 little boxes of spray cans and a few Stanley knives for stencils.

Let’s take a look at his creative and fantastic street art pieces below:

Psycho Water

Awesome Street Art

Best Street Art Examples

Creative Street Art

 Customized Tampon
I Have An Erection

Impressive Examples of Street Art
La bigouden
Ladamenrouge Arts
Shadow Disturbance


Street Art by Ladamenrouge
Think different

Women’s day
Wonderful Street Art
         You can find more about Ladamenrouge here.
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