Jill Greenberg Gives Children Lollipop Then Takes It Away

Famous Photographer and manipulator Jill Greenberg causes storm of controversy with her new exhibition, “End Times” showing various children with gut-wrenching emotion. Now the question is that how does she get these shots? May be Greenberg would give kids a lollypop and then quickly take it away resulting tearful outbursts from children.

Jill Greenberg has specialization in portrait making and fine art photography. Her recent work, “End Times” consists of 22 photographic portraits featuring young kids crying. Through these photographs, she depicted helplessness and anger which she feels about current political and social situation of her country.

end times by Jill Greenberg
Jill Greenberg

end times

helpless emotion

Jill Greenberg’s end times2

Jill Greenberg’s end times3

kids photography

Jill Greenberg’s end times4

Jill Greenberg’s end times5

Jill Greenberg’s end times6

Jill Greenberg’s end times7

Jill Greenberg’s end times8

baby crying

crying children

crying for lollipop

manipulator Jill Greenberg

manipulator Jill Greenberg

manipulator Jill Greenberg

portraits of young kids

Jill Greenberg’s end times

    Source: Jill Greenberg
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