Mind-blowing Photographs of Colorful Slithering Beasts by Mark Laita

Wildlife photographer Mark Laita has captured some stunning photographs of snakes. He belongs to Los Angeles. Serpentine is his new project on photography which is full of gorgeous and stunning studio photographs of various snakes. To complete his project, he visited dozens of locations including various zoos, workplaces of snake breeders, anti-venom labs and enthusiasts all around the States and Central America.

During his project, he has been bitten many times by different snakes. Serpentine has nearly 100 portraits of the slithery beasts. He used snakes as a subject to explore shape, color and movement of this amazing beast. Through his photography, he highlighted those species which has danger of extinction due to the destruction of their natural habitat. Take a look!

Red Spitting Cobra web

Albino Black Pastel Ball Python

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 King Cobra

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Mark Laita

Mexican Black Kingsnake

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Philippine Pit Viper

Rowleys Palm Pit Viper

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Vogels Pit Viper Playing Dead
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