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Funny Portraits of Dogs Dressed Like Their Owners

27 year old Swiss photographer Sebastian Magnani has come up with a beautiful yet bizarre series of portraits called Underdogs, … Read more

$3,800 Fur Coat Is Made Entirely from Men’s Chest Hair

UK dairy company Arla commissioned ‘Man-Fur Coat’ to promote the launch of its new product Wing-co, a chocolate milk drink aimed… Read more

Spectacular Shots of Supermoon 2013

Photographers from all over the world looked up to the sky to get some wonderful shots of supermoon 2013. On Sunday, Moon made … Read more

Incredible Self-Portraits by Melania Brescia

Melania Brescia is a young and intelligent artists and photographers from Malaga, Spain. She has devoted her whole Flickr accoun… Read more

Photographer Reimagined Disney Princesses As Sexy Armored Warriors

Mike Roshuk is a creative and intelligent artist and photographer from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.   He recently came up with a s… Read more

23 of The Most Amazing Wildlife Photos From National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest

Last date for the submissions of photos in the 25th annual National Geographic Traveler Photo contest is 30th June 2013. So an… Read more

Dogs Posing Like Fictional Characters in Creative Grooming Competition

Professional Animal Photographer Ren Netherland travels across the United States to take some beautiful and amazing photographs … Read more

Most Hilarious Examples Of People Falling Over

When you see people falling it looks like funny and you can't stop yourself from laughing. It is both painful and embarrassi… Read more

Collection of Most Hilarious Pictures Taken At Just The Right Angle

Sometimes photographers get perfect shots without doing any hard work and sometimes they do concentrate many hours to get the de… Read more

Breathtaking Photographs Taken by a Pilot from His Cockpit at 35,000 Feet High

Karim Nafani is a commercial airline pilot and photographer lives in Dubai. He has captured a series of stunning photographs of… Read more

Bizarrely Distorted Portraits of Musicians Created with Rubber Bands

Wes Naman is a 38-year-old artist and photographer from Albuquerque, New Mexico. The artist has recently came up with another   … Read more

Most Awkward Pregnancy Announcements

Pregnancy is a special and exciting time period in any woman's life. To become pregnant is a beautiful feeling, but it’s al… Read more

Behind the Scenes Shots of Actors Laughing Between Takes

Making a movie is not an easy task. Hollywood movies or any other movies are actually not the movies themselves, they come int… Read more

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