Dogs Posing Like Fictional Characters in Creative Grooming Competition

Professional Animal Photographer Ren Netherland travels across the United States to take some beautiful and amazing photographs of creatively groomed dogs for his Extreme Pets collection. The event takes place every year featuring different kinds of grooming style ranging from sharks to Disney characters, wild animals, and even robots and flowers.

The owners try their best to make their pets look beautiful and unique from others and use various kinds of hair products to having their fur dyed and sheared carefully. A cash prize of up to $5,000 can be awarded to the winner of the Creative Grooming Competition. Let’s check out the photos below and vote which dog should be awarded the cash prize?

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crazy dog designs

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Creative grooming competition

creative grooming competition

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Dogs Posing Like Fictional Characters

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Ren Netherland photography

Ren Netherland

    Photos by Ren Netherland 
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