Incredible Self-Portraits by Melania Brescia

Melania Brescia is a young and intelligent artists and photographers from Malaga, Spain. She has devoted her whole Flickr account for her incredible self-portraits that are full of life and emotion. Melania has work for several magazines and shown her highly intimate work in various exhibitions. Below we are going to showcase you some dreamlike self-portraits by Melania Brescia best describing her artistic ability and creativity.

Stunning Self-Portraits

Like autumn

21-Year-Old's Self-Portraits 1

21-Year-Old's Self-Portraits

 amazing Self-Portraits


dreamlike self-portraits

first love

Incredible Self-Portraits

Melania Brescia


Self-Portraits by Melania Brescia


Surreal Self Portraits

young photographer
Source: Melania Brescia Photostream

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