Spectacular Shots of Supermoon 2013

Photographers from all over the world looked up to the sky to get some wonderful shots of supermoon 2013. On Sunday, Moon made its closest approach towards Earth in the calendar year of 2013. It appeared 14 percent larger in size and 30 percent brighter in light than a typical full moon. Technically it is known as "perigee full moon" which occurs once in every 14 months. It was the biggest and brightest moon of the year 2013 because of its closest encounter with Earth. It'll not happen till August, 2014. Below we’ve collected some super shots of supermoon 2013. These are definitely awesome pictures of the year 2013.

A full moon in the 'Perigee' phase rises over the Jerusalem neighborhood of Har El

supermoon of 2013
    Photo by Jim Hollander

Anaheim, California

2013 Supermoon
     Photo by Mark J. Terrill

Basilica of Superga, Turin, Italy

Full Moon in 2013
     Photo by Stefano De Rosa

Centennial Mountains WSA, Montana

perigee full moon
     Photograph by Bob Wick /Bureau of Land Management

      Photograph by NASA/Goddard/LRO

Kato Sounion, Attica, Greece

     Photo via

Marina Bay Sands Skypark, Singapore

     Photo by Cheng Kiang Ng

Mount Diablo State Park, California

     Photo by Google Earth Pics on Twitter (@GoogleEarthPics)

     Photo by Benjamin Wellert


    Photo by Jeremy Chan

South of Seattle, Washington

     Photo by np1232

The supermoon near the Four Towers business district in Madrid

     Photo via

 Washington D.C.

     Photo by Jeff Gamble
Washington Monument

            Photo by NASA/Bill Ingalls
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