The Lion Whisperer: Kevin Richardson Changing The Lions Behavior

Kevin Richardson, a self-taught animal behaviorist and Zoologist raises and trains big cats, some of the most dangerous beasts of the world. The Lion Whisperer has a unique relationship with lions at the Lion Park in South Africa. He uses love, understanding and trust to develop his personal bonding with the lions instead of unusual old methods of breaking the animal's spirit with sticks and chains. He lives and sleeps with these lions, cuddles cute cubs, and swims with them in water. He has natural love for the animals. He was breeding crickets and kept a toad at the early age of three years.

big cats

Kevin Richardson

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the lion whisperer

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The Lion Whisperer


 the animal behaviourist reinventing

lion whisperer" of South Africa

Kevin Richardson Changing The Lions Behavior

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