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Fingered: A Mind Blowing Film About Movements of Fingers

Talented artist Dave Razor created a short duration film about fingers movement entitled, "Fingered". Fingered (2013) provides an opportunity to the viewers to interpret his work however they wish. Dave successfully shot the creepy movement of fingers on a Nikon D7000 with a preview of green screen and later on edited it with After Effects. The video is a great example of video montage and editing at its finest. He composed various formations by the creepy movement of fingers like making a bird, flapping wings of birds and a flowing structure of a nautilus shell. Hope you'll like it. 

Sensational Performance Of Miley Cyrus At 2013 MTV Video Music Awards

Ex-Disney Channel star Miley Cyrus has presented an amazing, impressive, contradicting and gasping performance at the 2013 Video Music Awards of MTV channel last Sunday night. She performed so well that the whole audience was in a shock after seeing her performance in 2013 MTV's VMA at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. No doubt, Miley stole the whole show in the presence of successful celebrities. An image of Will Smith and his family's appalling look during Miley's performance went viral on the internet. She also got noticeable fame before the release of her upcoming album Bangerz.      Source:

Spectacular Shots of Cenote Angelita, A Hidden Underwater River in Mexico

Believe me there is an underwater river “Cenote Angelita” flows through the ocean and is located in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula inside a water-filled cave called Cenote . Cenote Angelita or (Little Angel) is the world’s most amazing scuba diving sight about 10-15 minutes south of Tulum. It was made possible due a thin layer of hydrogen sulfate that separates the freshwater at the top from the saltwater below. The river can be seen from below while swimming right through the false floor or mystical cloud. Anatoly Beloshchin, a Russian underwater photographer got a chance to take some stunning photographs of this naturally occurring phenomenon. This is probably the most spectacular sights ever seen in underwater photography. Take a look!

Hot Dog Legs: A New Trend Taking The Internet World By Storm

Hot-Dog Legs is the hottest new trend of summer 2013. If you have spent some time on social media like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram you've likely seen an oil-slick pair of legs making the fun of beach-themed selfies. Thanks to the new Tumblr blog called Hot Dog Legs created by Canadian food blogger Alexis Brault. The blog aggregates pictures showing a pair of suntanned legs that happen to look like two hot dogs. The first thing that came to our mind after watching these pair of legs is that are these hot dog legs or real legs? It turns out, it's hard to tell. But one thing that I know is that the Hot-Dog Legs is ranked as the best Tumbler blog of this summer and has become a fully-fledged internet sensation within no time.

20 Evidence That Cats Are Liquids

Wikipedia definition: “liquid takes the shape of a container while maintaining almost-fixed volume.” So according to this definition from Wikipedia we conclude that our furry, feline friends are liquids! A recent study undertaken by The Beans Group has discovered that cats are actually liquid and are not solid as we thought they were. Although, cats cannot demonstrate the properties of liquid just like water but they really love to do so.   Want proof? Well, below are some pictures which are indisputable proofs that cats are liquids! Take a look!!!

Nir Arieli Beautifully Captures The Feminine Side Of Masculinity In His Photographs

If you look at yourself in the mirror and carefully watch your body from each angle, you might observe that each of your body part is slightly different from one another. Nir Arieli is a talented photographer from Maccabim-Re'Ut, Israel and recently presented a new portrait series titled, "Men" based on the same idea. He placed male models in traditionally feminine spaces and postures to illuminate the feminine traits in men. These traits are usually hidden due to cultural and social standards. Through this series of photographs, Arieli gives a suggestion to male members to freely explore their feminine sides in their bodies and natures. All the male models in this project are very praiseworthy for successfully displaying gentle qualities of a woman in their look and nature.  1. Robert 2. Mike

Your Favorite Browsers Transformed Into Sexy Fashion Models

California-based fashion photographer Viktorija Pashuta has shoot out a series of beautiful ladies photographs based on different browser logos. The name of the project is "What if Girls Were Internet Browsers" created for a Fashion Affair Magazine. She creatively correlated the icons of different web browsers with the latest trends in the fashion world.  Pashuta captured the photographs in such a creative way that the style of each Internet browsers relate with the fashion accessories like clothes, shoes, hair styles, props and poses itself. Internet Explorer gives the look of flashy, Firefox sexy, Opera elegant, Chrome utilitarian and Safari trendy or hip.

The House In The Woods: A Photo Series Captures Wild Animals Living In Abandoned Homes

Although it seems pretty unusual to say that photos of abandoned places could be made beautiful but a recent photo series titled 'The House in the Woods, by Finnish photographer Kai Fagerström has proved that the abandoned places can be awesome indeed. Fagerström visited abandoned houses near his family’s summer home in Suomusjärvi, Finland and find there some wild animals including fox, squirrel, wildcat, badgers and many other living comfortably there since the humans left them after a fire. Fagerström takes few stunning snapshots showing how quickly nature takes back the places it has lent to people. Take a look!

20 Useful Food Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

The world is changing very fast and today everyone wants to use his or her time in productive matters instead of wasting it. Life can be easier by using simple little things. Below you will find some useful and smarter ways of cooking and eating food items. These tricks and tips are very easy and can eliminate headaches while cooking or eating food like watered-down wine, popping bubble wrap, opening a piping hot pizza box, messy cupcakes, and messy soup spoons etc. We hope that these little everyday hacks will make your life simpler, faster, easier and safer. So check them out and try to make yourself an expert in the kitchen. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

20 CGI Artworks That Could Be Mistaken For Photos

One good thing about art is that it is free of any medium and artists can create their own work of art without any restrictions or limitations. With the evaluation computer technology and development of computer graphics it has become much easier for the CGI artists to produce 3D renderings that blur the line between virtual and reality. Sometimes their artwork looks so realistic and original that it is impossible to distinguish from a photograph. CG Society, CG Trader and CG Hub are online communities where you can find such a great talent. In this post, you will find a showcase of some of the most incredible work of art that look like photographs. I hope you’ll love them and will find them creative or inspirational. 1. Artwork by Dan Roarty 2. Artwork by Dabarti CGI Studio 3. Artwork by Chengbin Du 4. Artwork by Marcin Gruszczyk

Fallen Princesses Photo Series Captures Disney Princes Life without Fairytale Ending

‘Fallen Princesses’ is a stunning series of images created by Vancouver-based photographer Dina Goldstein showing what if the Disney’s most celebrated females, Snow White, Cinderella, Red Riding Hood and Pocahontas   didn’t get their happy endings? This award-winning photo series by Dina Goldstein offer a twist on the idea of "happily ever after." Goldstein began shooting the Fallen Princesses series in 2008 and has been exhibiting them ever since.   It took almost two years for Dina Goldstein to complete the series. “I began to imagine Disney’s perfect Princesses juxtaposed with real issues that were affecting women around me, such as illness, addiction and self-image issues,” says Dina. “With limited funds, I began to assemble my series.” Snow White Ariel Belle Cinderella

20 Historic Black and White Photos Restored in Color

We can find out many historic photos that were photographed in black and white now being colorized with the help of digital process of colorization that bring a new life to history's most unforgettable images. Thanks to the community of subreddit, called r/ColorizedHistory, a mix of amateur and professional who pick historic photos in black and white then bring them to life through color. The artist use some imagination and interpretation with combination of natural color and the final result are stunning. Take a look! 1. Abandoned boy holding a stuffed toy animal. London 1945 2. Elizabeth Taylor – Giant (1956 film) 3. Young Boy in Baltimore Slum Area, July 1938