20 Evidence That Cats Are Liquids

Wikipedia definition: “liquid takes the shape of a container while maintaining almost-fixed volume.” So according to this definition from Wikipedia we conclude that our furry, feline friends are liquids! A recent study undertaken by The Beans Group has discovered that cats are actually liquid and are not solid as we thought they were. Although, cats cannot demonstrate the properties of liquid just like water but they really love to do so.  Want proof? Well, below are some pictures which are indisputable proofs that cats are liquids! Take a look!!!

proof that cats are liquids

Evidence Proving Cats Are Liquid 1

cats are liquids 4

proof That Cats Are Liquids

cats are liquids 1
Evidence Proving Cats Are Liquid

cats are liquids 2

liquid cats

funny cats pictures

cats are liquids 3
cats are liquids

evidence that cats are liquids

cats in jar

funny cats,1

cats in box

liquid cats
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