Hot Dog Legs: A New Trend Taking The Internet World By Storm

Hot Dog Legs has become the hottest new trend recently in summer. Thanks to the new Tumblr blog called Hot Dog Legs created by Canadian food blogger Alexis Brault. If you have spent some time on social media like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram you’ve likely seen an oil-slick pair of legs making the fun of beach-themed selfies.

The blog aggregates pictures showing a pair of suntanned legs that happen to look like two hot dogs. The first thing that came to our mind after watching these pair of legs is that are these hot dog legs or real legs? It turns out, it’s hard to tell. But one thing that I know is that the Hot-Dog Legs is ranked as the best Tumbler blog of this summer and has become a fully-fledged internet sensation within no time.


Hot Dog Legs trend


hot-dogs legs


Alexis Brault

Hot Dog Legs 2

Hot Dog Legs


Hot Dog Legs-2


hot-dogs 1


beach selfies


best Tumbler blog 1


best Tumbler blog


best Tumbler blog 2


hottest trend of summer


hot selfie trend of summer


Tumblr goes viral

       Source: Hot-Dog Legs

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