Nir Arieli Beautifully Captures The Feminine Side Of Masculinity In His Photographs

If you look at yourself in the mirror and carefully watch your body from each angle, you might observe that each of your body part is slightly different from one another. Nir Arieli is a talented photographer from Maccabim-Re'Ut, Israel and recently presented a new portrait series titled, "Men" based on the same idea. He placed male models in traditionally feminine spaces and postures to illuminate the feminine traits in men. These traits are usually hidden due to cultural and social standards.

Through this series of photographs, Arieli gives a suggestion to male members to freely explore their feminine sides in their bodies and natures. All the male models in this project are very praiseworthy for successfully displaying gentle qualities of a woman in their look and nature. 

1. Robert

feminine side of masculinity

2. Mike

The Feminine Side Of Masculinity


balancing masculine and feminine

4. Tal


5. Hanno

men posed like female

6. Billy

male model posing as female

7. Ariel


8. Bjorn

gorgeous men model

9. Paul

Nir Arieli

10. Kayode


Source: Nir Arieli 

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