World’s Best Father: A Hilarious Photo Series of A Dad and His Adorable Daughter

Washington-based photographer Dave Engledow captures inventive photos of his adorable daughter Alice Bee with a little help from his wife Jen. Dave is not just a great photographer, but also a loving and caring father who can be seen spending some nice time with his daughter. "World's Best Father" is the title of this amazing and funny photo series where Dave Engledow portrays himself as sleep-deprived, clueless and unsafe dad in a hilarious way. Let’s take a look some recently posted photos Dave Engledow. I hope you will enjoy!

funny dad

yoga master

hilarious photo series

wonderman and batgirl


late for work

upper decker


Alice Bee

adorable girl,

the big storm

Alice Bee 1

dad and daughter photo series

Dave Engledow 1

Dave Engledow

first ride

funny photo series

Hilarious Photo Series of A Dad and His Adorable Daughter

making chili

monkeying around

world’s best father
     Source: Dave Engledow on Facebook

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