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30 of The Most Iconic Photos From Our Past

Historic photos are always stunning to look at. Since the invention of photography historic photographs have played important part to record unique and special aspects of our life such as weddings, birthdays and occasional selfie. Even a single photo sometimes can tell you much more about history than a whole book you read. Below are some iconic photographs from our past that will not only tell you historical events but also demonstrate the triumph of the human spirit, power of loyalty and tone and values of yesteryear. Take a look! First morning after Sweden changed from driving on the left side  to driving on the right, 1967 106-year-old Armenian Woman guards home, 1990 A beautiful suicide – 23 year-old Evelyn McHale jumped from the 83rd floor of the Empire State Building   and landed on a United Nations limousine, 1947

Jana Romanova Captures Intimate Portraits of Sleeping Couples Awaiting The Birth of A Baby

Russian documentary photographer Jana Romanova started shooting photographs of her pregnant friends few years ago in their bedrooms for a series called “Waiting”. In order to take a perfect and natural shot Romanova wanted to capture them early in the morning, a time when the world is resting and people don't really care about their appearance. It’s actually quite interesting and enjoyable to see varied positions of various couples revealing their natural relationship to one another. It took over two year for Jana Romanova to complete her series of 40 photos each one representing a week of pregnancy. Let us check some of the most interesting shots of sleeping couples awaiting birth of the child.

Clever Portraits of Double-Faced Girl by Sebastian Bieniek

Doublefaced is an interesting series of experimental photographs by Berlin-based artist Sebastian Bieniek. With the help of an eye pencil and lipstick Bieniek cleverly draws the illusion of a double-faced girl onto each side of the model’s face. Sebastian Bieniek includes only one eye of the model in the photographs and uses her hair to hide the rest of her face. The actual result is eye-catching and terrifying at the same time. Check out!

20 Most Epic Shots from the National Beard and Mustache Championship

This wildest and wackiest style of beards and moustaches appeared at the 4th Annual National Beard and Mustache Championships in New Orleans few weeks ago. Las Vegas-based photographer Greg Anderson got an opportunity to shoot some of the most outrageous, bizarre and groomed facial hair paraded from 2013 competition. The National Beard and Moustache championships involved more than 150 contestants from the U.S., U.K. and Canada competing in 17 different categories full beards, partial beards and moustaches. The photos below show you some of the most epic portraits that you may have never seen before. Take a look!

Sir Stuffington: A One-Eyed Pirate Cat

Oregon’s Multnomah County Animal Services has found a six weeks old one-eyed kitten on 13th september 2013. The name of this cutest one-eyed pirate cat is Sir Stuffington, who is given by his new owner. The photographs of Sir Stuffington were widely shared online and the little cute pirate cat become the famous cat on the social media. The little kitten faced a deadliest accident and saved by a kind person. Sir Stuffington was in serious injries with a missing eye, upper respiratory infection, damaged jaw and heart murmur. Blazer Schaffer is his new owner who made a fan page of the cute kitten namely Sir Stuffington . She said that her fan page will raise awareness among the masses about animal shelters. The page has got almost 16000 likes in just one week. You can also find more pictures on the blog .

24 Strangest Objects Ever Found In Human Body

You may have heard the stories of strange things found in the bellies of animals, but have you ever heard about the weird stuff found in human body. Most of you agree that human body is an amazing mystery. In the history of medical science doctors have found and remove strange and bizarre things that usually do not belong to human body such as a Scissors in the stomach, a knife in the head and a 4-inch nail in the skull and more. Some people accidentally swallowed weird stuff while others knowingly insert them into their bodies. Here’s our list of some of the most bizarre, weird strangest things ever found in a human body. A 4-inch Nail in Skull A Diamond Engagement Ring 20 Cobblestones

34 Things You Definitely Need In Your Dream Home

We all have many types of dreams in our life and most of us dream about how our dream house should look. We wish our high-end luxury house should have as many things as we need but lack of inspiration sometimes becomes a handicap to decide about our dream home. Luckily today we have very inspiring and luxury home ideas that we think you might want to include in the list of your imaginary dream house needs. The ideas include a hidden room, a balcony pool, aquarium bed, indoor pool and many others that will surely inspire you to come up with your own dream home. Check out! Under Water Bedroom A Door Handle That Automatically Turns Off Electricity and Gas When You Leave Indoor Lazy River A Backyard Cinema Hammock Bed A Blue Glass Fire Pit A Waterfall in the Bathtub

Bubbles The Elephant and Bella The Dog Are The Cutest Best Friends Ever

Bubbles, a rescued orphan elephant, and Bella, the Labrador have formed an unlikely friendship and can often be seen playing together into a pool of water which has help them develop a deep and lasting friendship. Both the friends are residing at the Myrtle Beach Safari in South Carolina. Bubbles is a 32-year-old African elephant who was rescued in 1983 after her parents were killed by ivory poachers. Now the good: Today Bubbles and Bella are almost inseparable friends and love to romp around together. Bubbles with the help of her trunk throws the ball into the water while Bella jumps off Bubbles' back into the water to fetch the ball. Let us check out some adorable photos and video of both the friends.

Vintage Crime Scene Photos of New York City Blended With Today's NYC Streets

Photographer and historian of New York Press Photographers Association Marc A. Hermann recently created a fascinating series of Then and Now photographs of New York City. Hermann creatively mashes up crime scene photos of old, dangerous New York with the photographs of the same locations today. All the historic photos were taken from the New York Daily News’ archive which contains a rich history of iconic photographs of New York City. The photos provide us a chance to see how much New York hasn't changed. Though there has been a great decrease in crime rate but most of the building where the crimes, murders, accidents, disasters took place are still intact. Let us check out some of these amazing photographs by Marc Hermann.  Firefighters work to put out a blaze at 31 Grand St. in Brooklyn in February of 1946.  This photo shows the death of gangster Frankie Yale, whose car slammed into the steps of a Brooklyn home after he was shot from an adjacent car on July 1st,

Joshua Hoffine Recreates Childhood Nightmares into Terrifying Photo Series

Bad dream or Nightmare is a very distressing and unpleasing situation in which a dreamer may feel fear, sadness, depression and anxiety. Nightmares may vary person to person but they are very common amongst young kids. Basement ghost, creepy clowns lurking under the staircase, scary monster emerging from bed and a skeleton holding an umbrella on a tightrope are some of the most established and classical childhood nightmares. Horror photographer Joshua Hoffine recreates some of our childhood fears into a visual reality including his young daughters as subjects. According to Hoffine, her daughters feel proud to be featured in these surreal and terrifying scenes that seems are ripped straight from a horror movie. Let us check out some of these classical childhood nightmares.

20 Photos Ruined By One Person

The background of a photo sometimes can be much better than the original subject of the photograph. A photobomb takes place when you are taking a photo and a third party gets in the picture in a way that totally ruined the intended subject, thus making it a perfect and very funny shot. We all love photobombs but usually they are just boring pictures. Well, today I’ve found some of the funniest photos totally ruined by action in the background. Let us know in the comment section which is your favorite spoiled Photo.