20 Photos Ruined By One Person

The background of a photo sometimes can be much better than the original subject of the photograph. A photobomb takes place when you are taking a photo and a third party gets in the picture in a way that totally ruined the intended subject, thus making it a perfect and very funny shot.

We all love photobombs but usually they are just boring pictures. Well, today I’ve found some of the funniest photos totally ruined by action in the background. Let us know in the comment section which is your favorite spoiled Photo.

ruined group photo

Photos Ruined By ONE Person

Funniest Photobombs


Funny Photobomb 2

Miami Photobomb

Funny Photobomb 1

High school photobomb

Ruined Photos 2

NBA Photobomb

hilarious Photobomb

Ruined Photos 1

Spoiled Photos

Dance Photobomb

Photos Ruined By Action in The Background

Funny Photobomb


Ruined Photos

group photos ruined by one person

funny photos
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