Australian Dress Addict Wears Different Outfits Every Day for a Year

Young Australian lady, Mary Saba dubbed the “Costume Queen” by her friends as she is so obsessed with fancy dress and worn different outfits every day for a whole year. Mary Saba traveled on public transport and turned up to office wearing Mermaid costume one day and Oompa Loompa attire the next.

She wore 365 dresses in a year as a part of her 26th birthday challenge. The 27-year-old, Mary mostly used homemade dresses for this purposes and spent only 400$ on purchasing her other outfits from market. She planned and designed different costumes for herself with the help of her friends and family.

After completing her challenge, she celebrated her 27th birthday with a big costume party. She has kept many hundred photographs in those outfits to remember each day. A variety of weird and wonderful outfits are now the part of her wardrobe.

weird outfits

crazy costumes

Australian Dress Addict

fancy dress addict 1


 unusual dresses

costume queen

crazy girl dress

Every Day I'm Shufflin

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fancy dress addict 4

fancy dress addict

iphone dress
       To see Mary's outfits of the whole year, visit her blog

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