Bubbles The Elephant and Bella The Dog Are The Cutest Best Friends Ever

Bubbles, a rescued orphan elephant, and Bella, the Labrador have formed an unlikely friendship and can often be seen playing together into a pool of water which has help them develop a deep and lasting friendship. Both the friends are residing at the Myrtle Beach Safari in South Carolina. Bubbles is a 32-year-old African elephant who was rescued in 1983 after her parents were killed by ivory poachers.

Now the good: Today Bubbles and Bella are almost inseparable friends and love to romp around together. Bubbles with the help of her trunk throws the ball into the water while Bella jumps off Bubbles' back into the water to fetch the ball. Let us check out some adorable photos and video of both the friends.

Source: Myrtle Beach Safari  
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