Jana Romanova Captures Intimate Portraits of Sleeping Couples Awaiting The Birth of A Baby

Russian documentary photographer Jana Romanova started shooting photographs of her pregnant friends few years ago in their bedrooms for a series called “Waiting”. In order to take a perfect and natural shot Romanova wanted to capture them early in the morning, a time when the world is resting and people don't really care about their appearance. It’s actually quite interesting and enjoyable to see varied positions of various couples revealing their natural relationship to one another.

It took over two year for Jana Romanova to complete her series of 40 photos each one representing a week of pregnancy. Let us check some of the most interesting shots of sleeping couples awaiting birth of the child.

Jana Romanova

pregnancy announcements

Jana Romanova Portraits

parents awaiting birth

photos of pregnant parents

Portraits of Sleeping Couples 1

Portraits of Sleeping Couples  2

Portraits of Sleeping Couples

pregnancy bellies

pregnancy photos

pregnant couples

pregnant parents 1

pregnant parents

sleeping couples 1

sleeping couples 2

sleeping couples
    Source: Jana Romanova
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