Joshua Hoffine Recreates Childhood Nightmares into Terrifying Photo Series

Bad dream or Nightmare is a very distressing and unpleasing situation in which a dreamer may feel fear, sadness, depression and anxiety. Nightmares may vary person to person but they are very common amongst young kids. Basement ghost, creepy clowns lurking under the staircase, scary monster emerging from bed and a skeleton holding an umbrella on a tightrope are some of the most established and classical childhood nightmares.

Horror photographer Joshua Hoffine recreates some of our childhood fears into a visual reality including his young daughters as subjects. According to Hoffine, her daughters feel proud to be featured in these surreal and terrifying scenes that seems are ripped straight from a horror movie. Let us check out some of these classical childhood nightmares.


childhood fears

surreal photography
classical childhood nightmares

classical nightmares 1

classical nightmares


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horror photographer

Joshua Hoffine

scary monster


Childhood Nightmares By Joshua Hoffine
   Source: Joshua Hoffine
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