Sir Stuffington: A One-Eyed Pirate Cat

Oregon’s Multnomah County Animal Services has found a six weeks old one-eyed kitten on 13th september 2013. The name of this cutest one-eyed pirate cat is Sir Stuffington, who is given by his new owner. The photographs of Sir Stuffington were widely shared online and the little cute pirate cat become the famous cat on the social media. The little kitten faced a deadliest accident and saved by a kind person.

Sir Stuffington was in serious injries with a missing eye, upper respiratory infection, damaged jaw and heart murmur. Blazer Schaffer is his new owner who made a fan page of the cute kitten namely Sir Stuffington. She said that her fan page will raise awareness among the masses about animal shelters. The page has got almost 16000 likes in just one week. You can also find more pictures on the blog.

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