Exotic Self-Portraits by Tommy Kha Being Kissed By Strangers Without Emotion

Memphis-based photographer Tommy Kha was long been searching for inspiration in his work. Rather than taking some strait shots of himself, Kha takes a unique approach to presents himself receiving a kiss from friends, acquaintances, lovers and strangers in various locations. Kha in his photo series called ‘Return to Sender’ request each partner to kiss him on his lips while he appears bored, unresponsive, motionless or even violated.
Kha explain the reason in these words: "It’s a way for me to talk about my differences while echoing the lack of representation reflected in the media,"
Kha’s apathetic face expressions and unresponsive body language make this series hilariously awkward. I hope you will enjoy it and don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments.

Tommy Kha self-portraits kissing

kiss without emotion


exotic self-portraits

funny self-portraits


tommy kha



hilarious photo  1

hilarious photo series


Kha being kissed by strangers

hilarious photo  1

man kissing strangers

photo series


Return to Sender

Tommy Kha

Tommy Kha self-portraits
     Source: Tommy Kha
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